Britain starts the next stage in the coming world tyranny - a clampdown on your movements

The next step towards the fast approaching worldwide tyranny is being rolled out in some British cities where you will have your movements restricted outside your own small neighbourhood.


Oxford, Canterbury, Edinburgh… these cities and more are being divided into zones to create “15-minute neighbourhoods” - “whether you like it or not.”  In Oxford, the plan is you'll be fined if you drive outside your “designated district” more than 100 times a year - a slippery slope if ever there was one.


After all, if you can be limited to 100 journeys a year, why not then 80? 50? 10? Emboldened by lockdowns and vaccine passports, politicians and bureaucrats seem to have the idea they can restrict our movements “for the greater good.”


Presented as “pro-environment,” in reality these schemes have a strong anti-human undercurrent. The evidence of any benefit to these schemes is highly uncertain. But we know they clobber the worst off, while benefitting vested interests. 


Again and again, when the public are “consulted” they DO NOT WANT these schemes… but they are ignored. Duncan Enright, Oxfordshire County Council's member for travel and development strategy says the Oxford plan will happen “whether you like it or not.” 


 An organisation I support called Together is determined to help fight these undemocratic plans and more - to ensure we all get freedom of choice, freedom of movement and freedom of expression.


 join Together as a member so we can fight for all our freedoms. You may not live in one of these planned 15-minute cities, but chances are you will soon - unless more of us speak out. It's for your own good, after all!


With the legacy media dominated by government and big interests, and “civil liberties” groups strangely silent, it's only groups like Together who are fighting for your rights.


Together is committed to retaining your freedom, and we've done everything to date on a shoestring. 


We will always be very careful with resources but the fact is, we are up against powerful forces and also need financial help to make more of a difference. One of the best ways to help is to join us as a member.


Go here to join Together as a member today.


There are different levels to suit different people.


Your regular support will help us distribute leaflets to raise awareness; continue to build our local networks of supporters; gain signatures on vital campaigns such as reinstating sacked care workers; help us host and stream more events with expert speakers; air balanced views in the media; and help overturn and roll back measures that restrict our rights and freedoms.


If government and local councils have their way we'll see this "15-minute cities" concept restrict life, destroy more local businesses and funnel traffic into narrow arteries that create more, not less, congestion and pollution.


It's time to take action. We are stronger Together. 


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