The truth is out there about the Covid self inflicted crisis - read it here and spread the news. By Alan Franklin

Today I read that the UK Government is planning another yet another series of panic reactions to the alleged Covid crisis. This is because our leaders worldwide  are not being given the full facts. Please forward a link to our website so we can get the truth out while there is yet time. Already a lot of social media postings are being shut down when people, including The Front Line Doctors in the USA, try to get the real facts out.


A number of doctors including a professor say there are already simple, proven cures for CV with existing medicines which also work as a a preventative. Gastroenterologist Professor Thomas Borody says Ivermectin used in conjunction with an antibiotic plus zinc is making it look like “corona is very simple to kill”. Unfortunately those creating the soon-to-arrive New World Order have deaf ears.....deliberately so in many cases.


It’s been trialed and used round the world as a prescription medication. It has a 100 per cent cure result of CV trialed in countries from Bangladesh to the USA with total success.


“We have a rapid answer without going into long trials. The drug is ready and safe to use and has been proved so in many cases. It’s a preventative and a cure for CV. The side effects are miniscule.” said the professor in a TV interview I have watched.


Prof Borody gave a detailed interview giving all these facts on Sky TV Australia. I have not seen this reported in the UK.


Other doctors have been told to shut up at risk of losing their licences in the USA when they tried to point out that there are simple treatments for CV without needing vaccines. But vaccines are backed by big money of course- cheap existing medicines are seemingly not being considered. One lady doctor was fired from her hospital job after standing in protest with other doctors in front of the US Supreme Court in a bid to get the truth out.

Bill Gates, whose foundation is now the biggest donor to the World Health Authority, giving more than any nation, is taking the lead in demanding that everyone in the world MUST get a CV vaccine. Gates, who has no medical qualifications, has undue influence over world health policy. However, he is not yet in charge so let's join the fight against Covid hysteria, which is not backed by the facts.

 Here are links to the facts – Neither sensationalist nor conspiracy theories, just doctors trying to get the truth out. Dr Borody talking about the Ivermectic cure   Dr Zelenko who discovered the chloroquine cure



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