Whole lotta shaking going on - but is it really God? by Pat Franklin

Dear people, some of you are being conned by religious ‘leaders’ whose idea of a move of God is to get up on a platform in front of an audience and shake like leaves in a wind, to fall down and writhe around on the floor, to have a convulsive fit on the stage etc.  And they claim this is  a move of the Holy Spirit!  Baloney! 

One woman leader gyrated so much that her shoes flew off her feet!  Are we really so stupid to think that these humiliating, degrading  shenanigans are of God?  Please, people, wake up!  And you so-called leaders, get  on your knees and beg God to forgive you for misleading His people!


To blame the Holy Spirit  for this is such a horrible insult!   The Bible describes in detail how the Holy Spirit is really manifested in our lives.  Turn to Ephesians chapter 5:18-21. 

Be filled with the Holy Spirit, it says, speaking to yourself in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; giving thanks always for all things to God  the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.


Does that fit in with screaming and yelling,  pogo jumping, violent shaking, falling down and wriggling around in public?  Does it include kicking your shoes off as your legs shake like jellies?  Of course not.  

Ephesians 5 proves forever that the shaking antics and other manifestations are not anything to do with the Holy Spirit of God.  Be warned.  Leave those churches! 

Our son-in-law Michael Nissim, leader of a small fellowship in the north of Israel, showed us some film clips of the violent shaking.  He is putting together a film soon to go online exposing some of the antics and false teaching of the NAR.  

What is NAR?  Why, it’s the New Apostolic Reformation!  NAR leaders are people who have decided that they are the new apostles, just like the original apostles if not better!

Wow, real living apostles, just like Peter, John and Paul!  Why am I not impressed?  Because it is nonsense.  The apostles were all men (including Paul)  who had been trained and commissioned personally by the Lord Jesus. 

They had seen Him alive after He was dead.  They could do miracles (real miracles, not the phony stage acts we see on Youtube) which validated their apostolic roles.  They were not rich at all!  Sometimes they went cold and hungry!  When they died, that era was over. 

Scripture was written.  All we need for life and godliness had been written and is now available to everyone.

But that is not exciting enough for some people today.  We want to see so-called leaders do tricks on stage that humiliate men and women who should know better.  We want to see people’s heads shake so violently that they may actually become brain damaged.

We want to see people (who can actually walk) go on stage in a wheelchair and get up out of it so we, the gullible idiots in the crowd, can applaud, while genuinely disabled people are carefully kept out of camera range.

We fill great halls to see this junk!  We empty our wallets to make the religious rascals even richer.  After all, they tell us that is the way we too can get rich.  But they lie, dear friends!  They lie a lot.  They don't care about you!  Just try asking them for a loan or for any favor when the cameras are not running.

One woman had the sheer brass neck to ask listeners to give one month’s salary  - to her!  Never mind, your rent or mortgage could wait, and as for groceries, well, just use the credit card and pay it off when God replenishes your cash (because she  said He would).

Well, if God was going to replenish your cash, why didn’t she just go direct to Him and ask Him for money.  Why was she bothering you? 

Don’t get me wrong – I believe in giving generously, but not to her!  Not to any of the liars who live in luxury, fly around in their private jets and drive expensive cars.  They make me puke.

How about giving to some poor  believers for a change, some poor family struggling to get by - and just see how God blesses that, because He certainly will! 

As for the one female leader who gyrated so madly that her shoes went flying, she does have entertainment  value. 

My grandchildren were in stitches laughing at her ridiculous antics and imitating her.  In fact that day her very name  became a comic trigger for laughter among them. 

And if she happens to read this, I am sorry, very sorry for you and hope that your eyes will be opened and you will ask forgiveness for this nonsense that went out on to the internet in the name of my blessed Saviour. 

I am sorry you were so horribly humiliated and made to look ludicrous, with a total loss of female dignity.   Maybe you will repent and even become my true sister in the Lord; I hope so, for you have been tragically misled.

And as for the “new apostles” dear friends, are we really that stupid as to follow yet  another lot of deceived people who will be after our money?  I hope not. 


Our son-in-law Michael will be revealing a lot more about all this when he speaks in London at a Christian meeting on Saturday, July 13,  at All Souls Clubhouse, Langham Place. Admission free.


So who am I to criticize those churches and ministries leading the way in the shaking?  I am a nobody and my only claim is that I was lost sinner on the way to hell when the Lord Jesus forgave my sins and made me one of His people about 40 years ago. 

I too got involved in the false Holy Spirit movement for a while until I found good Bible teachers like Chuck Smith, Vernon McGee and others.  Peter Masters is another great teacher.

They do not agree on everything, but they got me on the right track of studying the Bible closely. 

What I found is this:  the moment you come to Jesus as a sinner and ask His forgiveness, He will give it.  That was the whole point of His becoming a man and dying on the cross - for sinners like me (and you, dear friend). 

He said He would never turn anyone away; you are not too bad to become one of His people!  He will change your heart and set your feet on a new path.  This is what Jesus called being 'born again' - becoming a new person with old things gone.

The charismatic movement claims that in our time Jesus is restoring the 'gifts of the Holy Spirit' listed in the Bible, and that not only do you have to be born again, but you then have to wait and try to 'get' the Holy Spirit like what happened when the apostles and others were praying on the very day of Pentecost, the Jewish Feast of Weeks, 50 days after the crucifixion. 

The Holy Spirit came in something like tongues of fire and the sound of a mighty wind.  Dear folks, that was the fulfillment of that Jewish feast day; it was the birthday of the church, the end of the era of the Mosaic Law which could not save anyone,  and the beginning of the age of grace in which we can all be saved by turning to Jesus.  That day happened in history; it will not be repeated!

The moment you trust Jesus for your salvation, you are sealed with the Holy Spirit.  That is part of the package!  You become one of Jesus' sheep and no one will snatch you out of His hand or His Father's hand. You do not have to beg and pray for the Holy Spirit, because He already lives in you if you trusted Jesus. 

But Jesus warned that false teachers and false prophets would come, and here they are, shaking themselves silly on TV church services, on Youtube etc.  Peter warned in 2 Peter 2 that they would 'make merchandise' of us, and boy oh boy, do they ever!

It took me so long to figure all this out, and I hope this will help someone out there.

If you have not yet trusted in Jesus, today is a good day, the best day, to ask Him to forgive your sins and make you one of His people.


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'Peace (shalom) I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world give do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.'
John 14:27

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