The vaccines the world is being urged to take are deadly experimental drugs and needless - the non vaxxed are the sensible people.By Alan Franklin

The Covid Scamdemic is one of history's deadliest hoaxes and vaccines are killing millions and wrecking lives. Measures taken ostensibly to conrol a so-called pandemic are destroying businesses, families and children's education, pushing up the suicide and divorce rates and having a destructive effect throughout society.

The hard facts of the effects of these experimental drugs are piling up in many nations. This is not revealed  by the bought and paid for main media which is more akin to  Pravda in the days of Stalin than the free press we once had. We will get the truth out while we still able to, as freedom has now almost vanished.

While the needless effort to concentrate on a virus that could be easily cured has taken over what's left of Britain's National Health Service, a report this week revealed that an estimated 10,000 people wll die of cancer in the UK this year because the patients facing death were not seen early enough. Covid takes priority.

Here is an article  packed wih facts all readers should know: here are a few samples:


Writes Lex Greene We have been lied to every day since day one of the so-called COVID19 pandemic. When we were told to put on a mask, we read the mask manufacturer’s WARNING on the side of every box, which states unequivocally that none of these masks are designed to, or capable of, preventing the spread of any virus. We also read the damage done to human beings who breathe carbon dioxide all day, behind that mask. We followed the real science.


When we were told to voluntarily self-quarantine, we read up on the benefits of quarantining healthy people and quickly learned that never in the history of medicine worldwide, have healthy people ever been quarantined for any reason. We also learned that human beings are not designed to be cooped up for weeks, months and years, for very real and well-known physical and mental health reasons. We followed this science too.


Throughout all known science, the best defence against illness is the natural immune system. “Herd immunity” has most often been achieved by allowing humans to acquire a mild version through normal human contact, until a majority of society had built natural immunity to the illness.

When I was a kid, mothers would rush their kids down the road to the neighbor’s house on first news of someone catching the mumps, chicken pox, or measles, so that all of the kids in the area would become immune for the future. It’s called “natural herd immunity.” Past doctors used to tell mothers to do this.


This science was prohibited by today’s “experts” as well, as they put the entire world on isolation and self-quarantine to prevent natural immunity from occurring.


Once today’s “experts” prevented natural herd immunity through their insane W.H.O. and CDC guidelines, they rushed to market so-called “vaccines” (mRNA DNA gene manipulation injections) under the guise of herd immunity via inoculation.

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