Bohemia Grove: are our leaders really worshipping a giant stone owl in California?

by Pat Franklin

We would never have believed it.  World leaders secretly gathering for two weeks in July every year in the redwood forest of northern California? Presidents and business leaders worshipping a giant stone owl and the sacrifice of what looks like a human body on an altar in front of the owl?

This has got to be a stupid horror movie, right?  Wrong.  I am afraid it is true.   The 2,000 acre site is called Bohemia Grove.  We saw a documentary in England showing the owl ceremony filmed by intrepid journalist Alex Jones, who infiltrated the Grove.  We didn't believe it then; it was just all too weird.

A few years later we happened to be on a trip to California and walked through the Muir Woods redwood grove outside San Francisco.  There we were surprised to see a plaque saying that the Bohemian Grove club had its first meeting there and erected a huge statue of Buddha on that spot, and the club had moved to a larger site.   So we knew it existed and that Alex Jones' film was genuine.

Since then there have been many more revelations.  Other people have managed to sneak through the Grove's tight security .  Ever July now a few protesters gather outside the Grove to see who is going in.  This is never aired in the mainstream media. 

It is now known that the all-male Bohemia Club holds its private sessions there each year for the elite,some of the most influential men on earth in business, politics, academia etc.  Why has the main media ignored this?   Are they  part of it and do not wish to share this information with the world?  The 2013 Bohemia Grove event has been in full swing for two weeks and finishes this year on July 28.  But you have not heard one word about it on mainstream TV, have you?  Why not?  Who is there this year?  What is being decided there? 

Personally, I am sickened by all this The men there would deny worshipping a stone owl, the 'Great Owl of Bohemia'.   But they are witnessing, participating in, the owl worship ceremony in which a body or an effigy of a body is rowed across the lake at night and laid on a stone altar in front of the owl statue.  It is then cremated in a ceremony led by 'priests' in strange costumes with tall pointed hats. 

This disgusting and most un-American event is repeated every year at the start of the July two weeks at the Grove.  The ceremony is called 'The Cremation of Care' and the men there are supposed to  forget all their cares for two weeks and just enjoy themselves.

I was very sorry to learn that the Bush family have a large vacation house in the Grove and are a major presence there.  I thought George Bush II  was supposed to be a Christian, but if so, why has he not denounced all this?

Important men watch the dramatic owl cermony from around the lake edges.  This has been going on a long time and it took Alex Jones sneaking in with a video camera to get the information out to the rest of us.  You can watch the sinister ceremony on youtube.

No wonder America is going down the tubes.  We were founded as a nation 'under God'.  Now our misguided leaders participate in satanic worship of an owl, just like ancient Israel before God severely judged it by allowing foreign  invasion and the forcible removal of the people.  Israel sacrificed their own children, burning them alive before an idol.  What is really cremated in front of the stone owl?    An effigy or a real person, drugged, bound and tightly wrapped up? 

Whatever, whoever it is, no wonder we are under God's judgement.  The people there at the Grove would no doubt say it is a silly bit of fun.

You can find information elsewhere on the web about the Grove and its many 'camps', which are really luxurious vacation homes dotted throughout the huge site. 

The owl ceremony is the opening part of the two weeks.  How do they fill the rest of the time?  There are reports of 'workshops' and discussions on plans for the future of the country and the world.  There are reports of future presidents being chosen.  There are reports of a lot of homosexual activity going on.   

It explains a lot.  For example, where has the inexorable acceptance of homosexuality come from?  Perhaps we need look no further than Bohemia Grove. 

What should be our response to this hideous news?  'Come, Lord Jesus!'  He is coming; He will save us.  Stone owls will crumble before Him.  Presidents will quake.  But the people of God will be rejoicing as the Lord Jesus Christ sets up His kingdom on this earth.  'Come, Lord Jesus, come!'

When He comes, those who trouble us now, those who deny the true gospel now and persecute Chritains the world over, will receive their pay.  In 2 Thes 1:8 Paul tells us that when Jesus comes back, it will be 'in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who do not know God, and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.' 

Flaming fire sounds very appropriate for those who cremate bodies or effigies of bodies on stone altars, who cremate bodies of aborted babies by the million, for all those who persuaded the world that abortion was all right, a 'woman's right to choose'.  Was all that plotted at the foot of the altar of that foul owl?

The incredible thing is that there is mercy still available if people involved in any of this will get on their knees and repent (turn from) of their sins, and put their trust in the Lord Jesus' atoning sacrifice of His own blood at Calvary.  There is no other way out, no other way to have these terrible stains washed out of your soul.


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'Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits.'
Matthew 7:15,16

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