Britain's most terrible crime- selling a pound of onions.

A Devon market stallholder has committed a terrible crime - selling a pound of onions. Police are now questioning this master criminal. Presumably there is no other “crime” to concern them in Devon. This shows why the Metric Martyrs Campaign needs to be kept alive. This campaign began when Euro zealots prosecuted small traders for selling bananas in pounds and ounces- exactly what the British people want. But it is not what the one-world movement, which wants to harmonise everything, including all our governments, wants. The Metric Martyrs movement believes in freedom, which means it will also defend the right of people to sell in metric measure. So it helped a German bar in Glasgow facing prosecution for the criminal act of selling beer by the litre. The latest victim of the weights and measures Gestapo is Devon market trader Alan Elias whose “crime” was selling a pound of onions. If you would like a copy of a newsletter which keeps you up to date on the Metric Martyrs fight send your postal address or contact Neil Herron at


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