Legal challenge to stop NHS staff having to get jabbed- it is likely more than. 163,000 will refuse the clot shots and get sacked in April

The UK Government is being challenged over forced” jabs” for most of its NHS workers, meaning a probable 163,000 or even far more will be sacked in April as they will not accept the dangerous and sometimes  toxic so-called vaccines, which are clearly not working as an endless series of extra vaccinations- they call them boosters- is needed.

Those opposing the probably illegal demands for employees to be forced to take the so-called vaccines or lose their jobs, are fighting back with the law.

If t they lose and a possible 163,000 people or more will be sacked from the NHS then the  NHS will become an even bigger shambles than it already is, thanks to nonstop idiotic government decisions which have caused surgeries to be effectively closed since the alleged pandemic started.

A group of people including legal experts and health service workers and many others have formed an organisation called

Their website with details of this fight against tyranny and total government control of our lives is here:

It is telling that vast numbers of healthcare workers, those with the closest knowledge of the enormous amount of damage being done by the clot shots, are claimants in the judicial review.

As it is, the lawsuit points to “The inefficacy of the Vaccines in reducing the viral load of persons infected or the risk of transmission (even if they reduce the risk of serious disease for the vaccinated person which is not challenged here)”

The case also states there is:”Considerable and ever increasing evidence of risk of serious illness and death being caused by the Vaccines, such risk being greater than the risks from Covid-19 for the majority.”

The lawsuit cites The government’s admission (in the Impact Assessment) that at present there is a requirement for the vast majority of healthcare workers in England to be vaccinated against Covid-19 disease or else face dismissal from employment on 1 April 2022, on which date the 2022 Regulations  come into force.

Government estimates vary on the number of employees who will be dismissed from 126,000 (central scenario) to 163,000 although the real number could be significantly more.

This claim is brought by eight healthcare workers each with his or her own expertise, skills, characteristics and background.

Each claim that the regulations fall outside the ambit of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and are unlawful and that the decision to make the regulations is itself unlawful, irrational,

This is part of The Proposed claim for judicial review.

The 2022 Regulations are mandatory in that they constitute coercion to receive medical

treatment by threat of loss of employment and career.


They undermine the principles of informed consent and the fundamental human right of bodily autonomy making it subservient to the desires of external authority.


They discriminate against individuals with protected characteristics in respect of which they provide no exemption.


4. The 2022 Regulations are unable to achieve their stated purpose of protecting service

users and healthcare workers vulnerable Covid-19, because the Vaccines cannot

(especially with prevalence of the Omicron variant) to protect vaccinated persons from

acquiring infection from or transmitting SARS-CoV-2 any better than unvaccinated

persons who have naturally acquired immunity from previous infection or who have

innate immunity.


Rather, the loss of tens of thousands of highly dedicated and

experienced staff will cause an intolerable extra burden on all service provision, and

particularly the NHS which already has 100,000 staff vacancies and so will threaten

the safety of all services users.


5. The Vaccine Mandate under the 2022 Regulations will apply to all those that are

deployed to undertake a CQC-regulated activity either in the public (NHS) or

independent Sector, that is to any doctor, nurse, paramedic, other medical professional

or related employee.

The requirement is to have received a 'complete course’ of the

Vaccines by 1 April 2022 or be dismissed. Employees must receive a first dose of a

Vaccine by 3 February 2022 to leave the required interval before receiving the second

dose before 1 April 2022. The Vaccine Mandate is imposed irrespective of:

(1)   Objections related to sex, age, religion or philosophical belief, disability etc....


The protest  organisers say:

 I signed the Together Statement Supporting Legal Action

Please sign it if you agree at www.togetherdeclaration.orgWe need an end the mandate @Togetherdec

Stop them now! @sajidjavid @10DowningStreet @NHSEngland @NHSProviders @NHSConfed @CareQualityComm @acasorguk



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