Big brother bureaucracy means the end of freedom - in the EU and USA.

The 27 countries which have signed over their sovereignty to the EU superstate get ever more emeshed in red tape. This report shows that £66 billion - that's 66 thousand million - has been wasted just in increased red tape on making farmers' lives a misery. Big brother bureaucracy is the end result of these huge, socialist structures - in both Europe and now in America. The other result is our loss of freedom - fast approaching! ALAN FRANKLIN.
This is the attitude of those who are our real rulers [not that lot at Westminster!] to those whom they rule.

It’s contempt for the peoples of Europe.
Christina Speight.
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Brussels Sprouts
A report by campaign group The Taxpayers’ Alliance has condemned EU bureaucrats for squandering billions of EU taxpayers' money on red tape and subsidies.

The report “Food for Thought” by Dr Lee Rotherham , said the current Common Agriculture (CAP) budget cost £66bn in increased red tape over the past 10 years and called for it to be scrapped. 
It also showed that corporate firms like Tate & Lyle and Nestle were benefiting from millions in subsidies (£357m and £38m respectively) as well as bodies that have little to do with agriculture such as Belfast International Airport and the Cambridge Pet Crematorium, while small farmers got nothing.  

The total CAP budget is now £42bn, which includes £72m paid for civil servants, and the European commission wants to increase the entire budget by another £400m next year.

Eu agriculture minister Mariann Fischer Boel  recently responded to outrage over commissioners’ inflated pensions with the boast; “I’m worth the millions.”  EU taxpayers and farmers may not agree.  Commission spokesperson Johannes Laitenberger explained  that their world  “had nothing to do with the economic crisis of the world outside” and that payments to Commissioners were just a way to preserve their independence.

The Commission has also refused to modify the EU’s multi-billion budget, despite the recession and its own profligate spending sprees, while EU budget commissioner Daloia Grybaiskaite said all 27 EU countries would just have [to] make up any shortfall themselves.   


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