Dear 'Holy Father' the Pope: Don't you know what Jesus commanded? 'Call no man Father!' - by Pat Franklin

If only Catholics - Pope, priests, nuns and people generally - would read the Bible!  They would KNOW that to call the Pope 'Holy Father' is an insult to the real Father, the Father of the Lord Jesus.  There is only ONE Father, and He is not residing in the Vatican.  It is sickening that so many people who are trying to please God are in fact spitting in His face by ignoring His clear commands in the Bible!  Catholics, wake up!   Time is short!

You might argue that Paul claimed to be Timothy's spiritual father, and that is correct, but that is a figure of speech, showing that he was instrumental in young Timothy's life, teaching and mentoring him personally.  Many Christians are fortunate to have spiritual mothers and fathers.  This simply means they helped them learn about their faith and nurtured them in their early walk with the Lord. 

What Jesus was absolutely forbidding was someone taking the official title 'Father', which every Catholic priest does, and especially the 'Holy Father the Pope'.  The church Jesus died for has no big cheese at the top!  No Pope! 

And Jesus' church does not have 'priests' standing between us and God.  That is just so sick.  In fact the Bible tells us that believers are all priests in the sense that we can all go direct to the Father, because Jesus opened the door of Heaven for us, the very door of the throne room!  He IS the door. Only Jesus stands between a believer and God the Father.  That is why we pray 'in Jesus name'.  He is the one and only Mediator between us and the Father.  We can intercede for each other, yes, but we do not stand in an official role between people and God, as the Catholic priests claim to do.  It is just blasphemous, virtually claiming the very role of Jesus' Himself for their own.  I want to say:  'Outa my way, bub!  I'm going to talk to my Father and I don't need you interfering!' (This is not my usual turn of phrase, but I would love to hear someone else say it!)

Why do people love the Pope?  He says he is going to hide away now.  I wonder what the real reason is.  You do not 'hide away' unless you have something to hide, or unless you are very strange.  Most people would say they going to retire and would be living a quiet life.  But the terms I have heard from both the Pope and those around him are 'hiding away...will be hidden from now one will see him again...'  Sorry, but that is just weird!  One thing about the Pope - he never ordered the bishops to inform police about offences committed against young boys.  Why not? 

I remember once we were in a southern state in America.  A Baptist pastor told us someone had come to see him and confessed to a serious crime which the police were investigating at the time.  I actually can't remember if the crime was rape or murder.  The man wanted counselling and asked what the pastor was going to do.  'We have to inform the police,' he said.  He offered to go to the police with the man, but said he would inform the police with or without the man's agreement.  He was a first class American and a first class Christian. 

The man was furious; he had assumed that his crime would be kept secret.  That would be the way in the Catholic Church!  The priest foolishly takes a 'vow of silence' and binds himself to keep serious crimes swept under the rug. No matter how many little boys are abused by priests, don't ask, don't tell, move them to another parish, pay off the families to keep quiet.  It is sickening. 

Only now, in recent years, has some of the truth emerged, and I would stress the 'some'. 

Why have these terrible things happened?  Because the Catholic Church is ignorant of the Bible.  Paul's epistle to Timothy says  that 'forbidding to marry' is a 'doctrine of devils and that men who teach this are liars (1 Tim 4:1-4).  Please read!  All priests and nuns are forbidden to marry.  The Catholic Church follows doctrines of devils and their leaders are liars.  It's not me saying this, folks!  It's in the Bible!  God has said it!

The 'doctrine of devils' has its harvest in the ruined lives of little boys.  We met one such boy in England when he was grown up and in his fifties.  He was still consumed with rage at what had been done to him by a priest at an expensive private Catholic school for boys.  He never went to the police.  Instead he hung himself.

Do I hate Catholics?  Of course not!  I love them so much I want them to know the truth!  I want their eyes to be opened and for them to come out of the Catholic Church, which now wears a beautiful mask, but behind that mask is something far different.  It is not the church that Jesus set up.  It is very much AGAINST the church that Jesus died for.  It always has been!  It breaks my heart that so many Catholics just accept what they are taught and do not check anything out in the Bible.  They do not even know they are supposed to do that!  In my 12 years of Catholic schooling, no priest, nun or lay teacher EVER said one word about the Bible.  Not one word.  God's Word, the Bible, went unremarked in every one of the hundreds of 'religion classes' I had to sit through.  An absolute disgrace.

There's lots more information in our books.  One chapter of our book 'Cults and Isms: True or False?' is called 'Table of Truth:  the Catholic Church versus the Bible'.  Since few Catholics would ever buy the book, we put that chapter on the Home Page of our website, and you can click on it, top left. Better yet, get copies of our book for yourself, friends and church members. We know that our book has opened people's eyes round the world, despite the fact that you won't find it in "Christian" bookshops. It is, however, available from the webshop on this site, where truth is still paramount over profit.

Below are a few excerpts from that Table of Truth, the bits relating to the Pope.  For the full Table, click on it on our Home Page.  Feel free to print it out and give out to anyone who will consider these matters, but not for money. Print out any of our articles that you might need, because the truth may not always be tolerated on the web, and our site might one day disappear.

Here is part of our Table of Truth; the left hand column is what the Catholic Church says.  The right hand column is what the Bible says.



The Pope is the ‘Holy Father’ and every priest must be called ‘Father’.


‘Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.’  Matthew 23:9


The Pope

The Pope

The Pope is leader of the church on earth.


‘…ye are all brethren (brothers).’ (No big chief) Matthew 23:8

‘Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.’  Matthew 23:27

Peter was the first pope.

‘The elders who are among you I (Peter) exhort, who am also an elder…’  1 Peter 5:1

‘But when Cephas (Peter) came to Antioch, I (Paul) opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned.’ Galatians 2:11

At the first ever church council in Jerusalem, James concluded the council’s deliberations by saying, ‘Therefore it is my judgment….’ and his judgment stood. He and not Peter made the crucial pronouncement. Acts 15:19

Peter was not the pope, because there was no such office. He was an apostle, because he had been with Christ and he was an eyewitness of the resurrection, as were all the apostles. No one after that generation is an eyewitness of the resurrection.

The popes are all in a direct line of descent from Peter.

Please do a bit of research and uncover for yourself the disgraceful chain of perverts, murderers and thieves who have ‘sat in Peter’s chair’ and worn the ‘shoes of the fisherman’.  Learn how many of the popes distinguished themselves by ordering the papal army to hunt down and murder true Christians like the Waldenses in Europe. If you can stand it, find out about the Inquisition, and the tortures inflicted by Dominican monks etc, and also get a copy of Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. America was partly settled by Huguenots and others fleeing from the murderous agents of the popes.   


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