Chinese military men vow vengeance on America: It's time to boycott their products - the money we spend is being used against us.

Top Chinese military leaders are vowing vengeance on America for selling arms to Taiwan, which Peking claims. Simple - or greedy - westerners who have pumped up China by sourcing so many goods there forget that we are putting ourselves at their mercy - not a quality they are renowned for. Time to buy patriotically and stop funding the enemy! Chinese children have learned for decades about the evil west. They have long memories. These people are not our allies and as they have been lifted by the great wall of money from the west, the true face of China - an ugly, aggressive face - is emerging. This is an interesting report from Asia which you probably won't find in big media! ALAN FRANKLIN
Beijing sharply ratchets up anti-U.S. rhetoric after Taiwan announcement
Special From China is taking steps to toughen its posture toward the United States  by more openly asserting its global power. Beijing's new toughness includes increasing the harshness and volume of criticism of the United States, something that in the past it deliberately muted. 
The anti-U.S. rhetoric, however, has reached a new pitch following the Pentagon’s recent announcement of a new $6.4-billion arms package of UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and Patriot PAC-3 missile defenses to Taiwan. Last week, Maj. Gen. Zhu Chenghu of the National Defense University and Maj. Gen. Luo Yuan and Sr. Col. Ke Chunqiao of the Military Science Academy published an article in the Liaowang weekly calling for economic warfare against the U.S., namely by selling some of the $798 billion in U.S. Treasury securities as punishment for the Taiwan arms sales. Luo said China must identify weak spots for the United States and “pay them back in their own coin.” “We can attack by innuendo and enter into secret liaisons. For instance, we can carry out sanctions by dumping some US T-bonds," he said. "China must remind Americans that they cannot on the one hand demand that China cooperate with the United States in many respects, while on the other they damage China's core interests." The reference to “core interests” is China’s language for vital national security interests that make resolving the Taiwan issue of utmost importance. In recent months, criticism by China’s state-run media has shifted noticeably toward the bellicose. In the past, China deliberately sought to limit published criticism of the United States under the reform policy of Deng Xiaoping, who said in the 1980s that China should “bide our time and [quietly] build our capabilities.” Since the Oct. 1 military parade, when Beijing showcased its rapidly growing military power — including the disclosure of a new long-range cruise missile called the DH-10 — China has been hitting the U.S. hard. Its communist and military leaders continue to view the U.S. as the "main enemy." Business people working in China say there are also signs that the government, now that it has acquired techniques and know-how from the West, is pushing foreigners out and tightening controls.  


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