America's choice is between Jezebel and the Casino King. But the election is just a sideshow as we anticipate the coming crash of cash. Opinion, by Alan Franklin.

America’s next president looks like being a choice between Jezebel and the casino king. He has his mother's old Bible you know. I'm impressed. (That is British irony.) Here’s a wonderful quote a well known American Christian broadcaster just e-mailed me:  “It is difficult to face the prospect of having to choose between a super-liberal arrogant woman who believes she is above the law and a man who is an ego-maniacal, sewer-mouth, demagogue!" 

Pat just commented: "Heads you lose, tails you lose." That sums up the pending presidential election.

I am amazed how gullible voters, especially Christians who should have at least a measure of wisdom, are backing the vile Trump. There is a credible, Christian man of great integrity and experience in the race: Ted Cruz.

So you’d rather back a sleazy casino boss? As PRESIDENT? When I first started regular trips to America with Pat in 1974, gambling was –rightly – outlawed. I have seen at first hand how it leaches money from family budgets and gormless, gullible folk get addicted in the pitiful belief that they can beat the house.

I know what I am talking about: I once had the job of reporting casino news: we also stored our rock group’s equipment in a casino where we were the resident group. I’ve seen it all and it is nothing good, wholesome or desirable in any way. Trump, the casino boss? Leading a nation? It stretches  credulity that it is even being considered.

The caliber of candidates declines dramatically with each election, and that goes for the UK as well, of course. This shows how  we are steadily slouching towards the climax of man’s misrule of the world.

For the pygmy politicians are a sideshow. The real story is the financial crash which is a fast approaching black cloud gathering speed round the world. This time round there will be no easy fixes.

Japan is a real basket case, and the more money they print the more frightened to spend it the population is - they are buying safes to stash cash and also purchasing lots of gold.

When we published a business paper I recall lots of "business experts"  writing articles telling us we all had to be like the Japanese. Well we are: we are all broke.

Fortunately we know the sequence of events just ahead. Exciting times! If readers want to know the whole background to our nations’ decline and fall, we have the last few copies of our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain available from our web shop. You need to know what’s going on as the New World Order fast takes shape.





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