I'm in Portsmouth on Friday, exposing cults and isms.

This Friday I am speaking in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, on “Cults and Isms”. I will be telling what we have discovered about many of the cults attracting spiritual seekers today and  will also cover major non-Christian religions, the "isms" of the latest book Pat and I co-wrote, Cults and Isms: True or False?

My talk starts at 7.30 at South Road Church,Drayton,PO6 1QD. The meeting is under the auspices of the Portsmouth branch of The Prophetic Witness Movement International.

I will provide a close examination of some of the false faiths, cults and isms currently deceiving the world.

As Pat and I traveled North America and Britain, when I was speaking at prophecy conferences, we became aware of the near total lack of knowledge about the lies behind the cults and isms. Working together, as we did on newspapers for many years, we spent months on research, delving into the source documents of the main cults and comparing them, line by line, with what the Bible teaches. Clearly, we do not “all pray to the same god,” as deluded politicians and churchmen would have you believe.

This presentation is packed with illustrations, quotes and astounding facts. No punches are pulled and there are some surprising conclusions. For example, is the Roman Catholic Church the world’s greatest cult? See what God’s word says….And are Seventh Day Adventists really evangelicals - or something more deceitful?

This talk, as time permits, also examines everything from The Big Green Lie Machine to Freemasonry, the Word of Faith movement, plus all the usual suspects like JWs and Mormons. Few preachers will tell you any of this today, when the Great Whore Church of the End Times is forming up before our eyes.

If you can’t make it to Portsmouth I would urge all readers to get our books, buy copies for your friends and church, and spread them round. They are good reference books to have when the cultists come knocking at your door and will give you the facts to refute their false claims.

The book, and companion DVDs, are available from the web shop on this site.

Other meetings booked in for this year so far are:

June 7, PWMI meeting inKing’s Lynn. No details of the venue have been forwarded to me yet.

Wednesday June 11 :Prophetic Witness Movement International, Hastings

Saturday, November 29, 6:30 – 7.30 pm: Chesham Branch meeting at Chartridge Mission Church, Chapel Lane, Chartridge, Chesham HP5 2TH . Further details from Keith on 01494 776481

I am available to speak at venues in the UK, America and Canada, but need reasonable notice, please. I am in the States this summer and have dates available. I can be reached at alan@thefreepressonline.co.uk 





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