God's great big billboard - the White Cliffs of Dover by Pat Franklin

God has erected a great big billboard on the southern flank of England, and the message on the billboard is this:  ‘The Bible is true.  The Flood of Noah really happened.  Here is the evidence.’  God’s big billboard is known as the White Cliffs of Dover.  It is there in black and white – the white of the chalk cliffs and the black flints running in parallel banding.  Please consider this amazing wonder, a spectacular leftover of the Flood of Noah.

We were recently down on the south coast and got some close ups of the wondrous cliffs*.  I have no doubt whatsoever that they were formed quickly in Noah’s Flood, but why are the black flints in rows?

I have seen the same rows of flints in Israel, where the white cliffs at the northern tip of the country also have the same black flint banding in parallel lines.  Ditto on the Isle of Wight off England’s south coast.

Recently I watched a program about Alaska, showing a bay, with – guess what?   White cliffs and black flint banding.

God seems to have His billboards all over the place!  I took loads of pictures, and here are a few.

I am not a geologist or any other kind of ologist, but my theory is that the Flood caused the calcium carbonate to dissolve out of the great billow tides which swept the earth.  As the immense tidal currents moved enormous amounts of material around, the flint rocks were heavier than the great mass of chalk, and sank to the bottom of that day’s tidal surge. 

Next morning, a huge new surge, a huge new deposit of chalk and along with it, flints, which, being heavier, once more sank to the bottom of that tide’s deposit.  Eventually, with the Flood raging around the globe, and then gradually subsiding, what was left is what we see today – huge white cliffs, and parallel bands of black flint rocks.

What else could account for the fact that the flints are in fairly regular rows?  I have searched for answers to this and could not find any research into the flint banding.  I just love it when the Lord shows me some piece of evidence for Noah’s Flood.

I hope this will get some of you interested in researching this fascinating aspect of the Flood.

The black dots in the white cliffs almost look like a coded message, almost like Morse Code --- dot, dot, dot...God is real!   Dot, dot, dot...the Flood really happened.  Dot, dot, dot...time to get yourself right with the God who made all things and sent the Flood to destroy the evildoers of Noah’s time. 

Dear friends, this is serious.   The Bible tells us that Jesus made all things.  ‘All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made.’  (John’s gospel chapter 1 verse 3).

Genesis chapter 8 verse 21 tells us that in the Flood ‘all flesh died that moved upon the earth’  except the people and creatures in the Ark.  That was the big ‘extinction event’ which science today denies, despite seeing the evidence for it all over the earth, not least  in the millions of fossils formed in the Flood waters (and not being formed today). 

The apostle Peter warned in his second letter that in the End Times people would scoff at the idea of a worldwide flood (chapter 3 of 2 Peter).  I don't.  Do you?

This should all really scare you, dear reader, if you do not know the Lord Jesus as your Savior.  It should at least make you re-examine your beliefs!  For if I am right and the Bible is true, then there is a heaven and a hell, and most people are headed for the latter. 

Won’t you put your faith and trust in the Creator of heaven and earth?  You have eternal life to gain.  Jesus said:  ‘If you believe in Me, you have eternal life.’  Heaven can be your future, but you must take that step of faith in Jesus Christ.

Have you been too bad to become a Christian?  No way!  ‘While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.’ (Romans 5:8)   That is the message of the gospel.  Are you already good enough for heaven without Jesus?  No way!  ‘All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’ (Romans 3:23)

The Bible makes it clear that sin is so terrible that there is no forgiveness without the shedding of blood (Hebrews 9:22).  That is why the ancient Hebrews sacrificed so many animals; the innocent animals took their place and their sins were covered. 

When the Lord Jesus died, the sinless Lamb of God, He willingly took our place and shed His own blood for our horrible sins.  And for all those who place their faith in Him, their sins are completely atoned for in that once and for all great sacrifice.  That is why Jesus is the Savior – He saves from hell all who turn to Him and ask Him to forgive their sins.

Won’t you do that today, dear reader?  Nothing in life is more important, nothing.  Of the people I have tried to present this message to, so many have just rejected it.  But some have accepted Jesus!  Two old ladies in a care home immediately accepted Jesus when I brought this to them.  Right then and there.

The people who reject Jesus would no doubt have sniffed at that, but I knew the tremendous importance of those few moments near the end of those ladies’ lives.  They were nobodies (like me).   Often the people who reject Jesus so firmly believe themselves to be somebodies.  They don’t like it when I tell them they too will stand before God’s judgement throne, and the question they will face is this:  ‘Have you accepted My Son, Jesus?’ 

So will you not accept Him now, if you have never done so?  I started at the White Cliffs, but I always end up at the cross, because that is where we have to go to be forgiven and to become of any use to the Lord on earth.  And the cross is the narrow way which leads to eternal life.

Here is a good prayer:  ‘Dear God, is this all true?  Are You real?   Did Jesus really die for my sins?  I can never undo the sins I’ve committed.   Will Jesus’ blood really wash me clean?  Can I really have a fresh start?  Will you accept even me?  Can I belong to You?  Will You really be my Father?

‘ Please, Lord Jesus, forgive even me.  Please make me one of Your family.’

 *The pictures were taken just outside Eastbourne at a place called Birling Gap.  (I'm having trouble getting the pictures on, as usual!  Will try again later.)




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