It's British election time and the three stooges vie for your votes. OPINION, by Alan Franklin.

Once-Great Britain staggers towards a General Election this Thursday when some of us - at least half - will turn out and vote. Unfortunately most will vote for one of the "three stooges" running what they like to call "the three main parties." These men would, between them, have trouble running a bath and have managed to avoid discussion of any of the main problems the country is facing. But there are other choices....

I would never again vote for any of the above - the left wing, further left wing and out of sight left wing parties, all achingly politically correct, pro-pervert and multi-faith to a leadership, although not necessarily to a man.

They have all managed to avoid hard discussion of what we all really want to talk about : the need to halt mass immigration, the need to get out of the EU, which wastes our money and bosses us around; the reversal of the ridiculous and false notion that a nation can be "multi ethnic and multi faith" and still survive with a national identity, and the pressing need to avoid national bankruptcy by decling to waste any more cash on the type of jobs advertised in the Guardian "newspaper."

The boys Cameron and Clegg and the old stooge Brown seem not to have a single constructive idea on any of the above and are too busy pandering to the Biased Broadcasting Corporation to venture anything politically incorrect.

But there are alternatives. For example, someone I used to interview when I was a newspaper editor is Gary Cowd, of the English Independence Party - see their website on and decide for yourselves. I especially like this comment in their Norwich Manifesto: "We are governed by people we have not elected.  Our children pass through an ‘education machine’ that strips them of their communal culture and identity. They emerge with a ‘White British’ identity and total ignorance of their communal origins and history.  They are conditioned to believe many strange things and they are conditioned to condemn those who say otherwise."

As a committed Christian I know how that feels- see our story about a street preacher arrested for passing out leaflets saying homosexuality is a sin. It is - and revolting and unatural as well. Everybody really knows this, of course, which is why the perverts try so hard to suppress claims that go against their twisted agenda.

I will personally vote for the UK Independence Party, for their main aim is to take us out of the evil superstate that the EU is fast becoming, dominating every aspect of our lives. Their website is at and you can check out their beliefs for yourselves.

Pat and I have attended their conference, where we were allowed to sell my first book, EU: Final World Empire, and we liked what we saw.

Anyway, don't let anyone- especially the BBC - tell you there is "no choice but the big three." There is indeed a wide choice and some good men are standing. Explore the beliefs of the candidates in your constituency- even what the big media calls the minor parties. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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1 Corinthians 15:51

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