Dear Catholics: I don't know what that new Pope is, but he certainly is not a Bible-believing follower of the Lord Jesus Christ! by Pat Franklin

I watched the new so-called Pope's first appearance.  Sorry, but isn't he supposed to be a Christian?  Why then did he totally ignore the teachings of Jesus in at least three major ways in about as many minutes!

First of all, he appeared as the great man accepting the adulation of a crowd said to number 72,000 people, all of whom should have known better.  Paul and Barnabus would have torn their garments and yelled:  'Don't venerate us; we're just men!' 

Then he said he would pray for ex-Pope Benedict.  Ok, go ahead.  But he didn't!  A Christian would have prayed something like this:  'Dear Father, please bless and protect our brother Benedict (not that he was a Christian brother either!) and make him fruitful even in old age - in Jesus' holy name. Amen.'

Oh, no, nothing that simple.  He 'prayed' an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be.  These are set, ritual prayers, always the same, never varying (although the translator got the Hail Mary wrong).  When I was growing up Catholic we must have said these prayers at school and church hundreds, maybe thousands of times.  It used to really bother me, even as a child, because I always wanted them to slow the prayers down so I could think what the words meant instead of just rattling them off at high speed.

Jesus said never to pray repetitive prayers; that is what the heathens do!  God is creative; He loves variety; He doesn't want to hear set prayers repeated endlessly, mindlessly, as if we were automatons!  The angels must think:  'Oh no, there go the Catholics again, like a stuck record!'

Anyway, the Our Father is supposed to be a pattern of what to pray FOR - not a formula to be slavishly followed. 

And the Hail Mary is blasphemous, since part of it is:  'Holy Mary, Mother of God (she isn't; God didn't need a mother), pray for us sinners (she doesn't; Jesus is the one and only Mediator according to Hebrews 9 and 10).  I love Mary, but she would be horrified if she knew people were praying to her.

Then it was announced that everyone there at the Vatican that evening and even people listening through the media would receive a plenary indulgence.  Wow.  That is mega in the Catholic Church.  It means that when you die, you get to skip purgatory altogether!  Otherwise, you have it hanging over you that you might be sent there to burn for years and years until all your sins are burned away.  Lies!  There is no such place.  The Bible says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord - IF you are a true believer.  You either go to heaven or to hell; there is no in-between.

And think of this, folks:  Jesus paid the penalty IN FULL at Calvary.  As a believer in Christ, I am a new creation; the old has gone; the new has come; my sins were as scarlet and He has made me white as snow.  That is Christianity!  He paid the price.  I don't have to!  It is the free offer of salvation.  How dare anyone suggest we who believe are going to have to suffer for our sins!  Jesus paid it all!  All to Him I owe!  He is the Savior, folks!  He has saved me from hell, and He'll save you too if you repent and believe in Him.

Then the new Pope announced that he would pray to the Virgin Mary (she was a virgin indeed when she had Jesus, but after that she and Joseph had a normal married life and had at least six other children, four boys who are named, and at least two girls, according to the Bible).  He said he would pray to her for the protection of Rome the following day (Thursday).   Oh.  Well, what about that night, Wednesday night?  Was Rome vulnerable to attack that night before he got round to asking Mary's protection?  It is all ridiculous.

Anyway, Jesus told us to pray to the Father, not to His mother! 

How the Pope gave himself and the whole Catholic caboodle away in just those first few minutes.  Even a cursory reading of the gospels would show you!  He asked people to pray for him and I did immediately.  My prayer was this:  'Oh dear Father, please open the eyes of the Pope!  Please let him know the truth and denounce the Catholic Church!'

So there we are.  I'll try to add some scriptures to this and some bits from our Table of Truth when I have more time - or just click on it (top left home page, Catholic Church versus the Bible).  Or get one of our books, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain and Cults and Isms:  True or False.  It's all in them, plus a whole lot more.

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