Iran will not be allowed to go nuclear - Israeli PM

Olmert: IDF preparing for Iranian threat - After sending firm messages to Iran following his Moscow visit, prime minister Olmert has told supporters that Israeli Defence Force troops are already training to face new threats Ehud Olmert spoke with a group of 100 Kadima activists at his home in Jerusalem on Sunday and referred to the readiness of the Israel Defense Forces in light of the new dangers faced by Israel, saying that the troops will be trained to face any threat. "Our soldiers will be trained to deal with any of the dangers Israel is facing, including the Iranian threat, and we have already begun this work," he said. Olmert also referred to the results obtained as a result of the war and said that it will be apparent to all that the accomplishments of the IDF were real and important. He also referred to the probe into the war and said that "it will leave no stone unturned and no warehouse unchecked." During the past week Olmert commented several times on the Iranian threat. During his visit to Moscow last week, Olmert told Russian President Vladimir Putin that Israel will not accept a nuclear Iran. "I made it clear to President Putin that the Iranian issue is at the top of Israel's concerns. We don't have the privilege of allowing a situation that gives a country like Iran unconventional abilities," Olmert said. "For us, when a leader of another country says he wants to destroy us, it does not sound like a haphazard statement. This is something we must be prepared for and prevent in any way possible." 'Government will live long' During the flight back from Russia, Olmert said that "I did not threaten Iran, but the clock is ticking. What we did not want to say a year ago, we can say today. Eight months ago we couldn't speak about sanctions, but today they are happening. "I am the first Prime Minister who says to Iran it should be afraid . It is inconceivable that Iran could not know what it is up against. Otherwise how would it agree on a compromise?" Olmert said. During the meeting Olmert also spoke about Israel's economic situation and said that for the first time in Israel's history, Israel's balance of payments is positive, and the sum of all exports is greater than the sum of all imports. "Foreign investments in the Israeli market are in the billions of Dollars and the situation is only getting better," he told the Kadima activists. At the end of the meeting, Olmert promised that his government will "live long, give the relevant response to the problems of the State of Israel and will know how to deal with the challenges that lie ahead."


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