From the EU, future seat of Antichrist, to the Middle East turmoil, Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in the daily newscasts! Alan's DVDs and forthcoming talks explain all.

Dave Reagan and Alan at Dave's Living on Borrowed Time conference in Dallas. This is the latest EU DVD.

Israel, focus of Bible prophecy and Jerusalem, future world capital. Alan's second new DVD.

Jerusalem is at the heart of Israel. It is also the spiritual world center where the Lord Jesus Christ will soon return to rule and reign. Interestingly, it is also in an area which is roughly the geographical center of the world. So when the world focuses on this city, and everything that happens in the Middle East lines up with Bible prophecy, it's time to wake up and take note!

Jerusalem is not just an important city: it is THE important city, despite its relatively small size. That’s why covetous eyes are on it, from the UN to the Vatican, from Muslims to Jews. Strife there is increasing, the situation is fraught and major turmoil could be just a riot away.

I have brought out two DVDs, one focussing on the future of Israel and the 3,000 year history of the Holy City – future world capital – and the other detailing the role of the European Union in the End Times scenario.

Both are about two and a half hours long, packed with Powerpoint illustrations and information gathered over decades of research. We are offering them at £4 each plus £2 each post and packing (UK only) - or £10 for two, postage for two included.  American  visitors can e-mail me at with the tag: DVD inquiry in order to be put on alert when NTSC format DVDs are available. Other foreign buyers wanting the PAL format should add £2 to the order for extra postal charges. Please note: all modern DVD players should be able to play all formats- check before ordering.

The Israel-centered DVD is titled: Israel, Jerusalem and Judgement Day. Filmed at our home church in Surrey, England, it is a compilation of three filmed Sunday messages, including two on Jerusalem’s 3,000 year history, from its time as King David’s capital to its future role as world capital. It's history and Bible prophecy you probably won’t hear at your home church!

The second DVD, on the EU, is called: Antichrist’s Coming Kingdom, The European Union: Final World Empire. This was the title of the first book I wrote, in 1999 with a reprint in 2002: EU: Final World Empire. At that time hardly anyone in America or anywhere else had realised that the Book of Daniel prophecies about the final empire, the revived Roman Empire, were coming true as the EU took shape.

The EU was set on its demonic path with The Treaty of Rome - and Rome is where the Antichrist will spring from. This is made clear beyond dispute in this DVD of about two and a half information-packed hours, filmed by Lamb & Lion Ministries,   Dave Reagan’s terrific prophecy-based ministry. The DVD starts with my hour long presentation in Dallas at Dave Reagan’s prophecy conference.

If you want to hear me giving these teachings in person, I am available to speak to any church in the UK or America/Canada. I aim to be in the August, 2016, and booking inquiries should be made now to  To ensure your message is not deleted unread, please put on the tag line: Speaking inquiry.

I use Powerpoint pictures to clearly show how the sequence of prophetic events unfolds, from Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38/39 to Armageddon.

We are in a unique moment in world history when the final sequence of end times events is clearly under way. We are living on borrowed time!

From 1948, when the prophetic time clock moved to five minutes to midnight, to now, when we are a few seconds from midnight, it has never been a more exciting time to be a believer. This should give us all a renewed sense of urgency. Time is short! Come and find out more.

Remember, the church age is almost over, and the next big event for the true church is the rapture. Then The most devastating events in world history are about to unfold on this lost and dying world. Time to wake up and find out what’s going on! There may not be many more opportunities.

My meetings are open to all and non-believers are welcome. No pressure is put on anyone and there is never any charge for entry, of course.  Whether or not you accept the Bible truth, at the center of which is the Lord Jesus Christ, your belief determines your eternal destiny. You probably have insurance. What you now need, if you are a doubter, is eternal life assurance!







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