Readers write to Alan and Pat - some interesting recent comments.

A lot of readers e-mail me every day, and I try and reply to all as time permits. Here’s a sample of recent e-mails, with surnames deleted, as much of this material is of wide interest.Best of all, to get a detailed breakdown of our thoughts, buy our book, available from our webshop. This answers a great many of the questions we get, from a Biblical perspective. If you, your friends and neighbors want to know what on earth is going on, and why- and what the Bible teaches about it, get Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain.Now hear are our readers’ comments:
  • Hi Alan (this one came after a TV appearance in Britain)
    Thanks for your honest and candid reply.  I'm glad you spoke out on these issues, I think people are worried about what they say these days.  I am an ex Catholic, left about 8 years ago, and my husband has only just left the RC church this year, praise the Lord!  We are now both at a good solid bible-believing church.
    We also became involved with "charismatic" catholics, and non catholic groups, and Benny Hinn, and lots of false teachers; we have also seen the error of our ways in that, and left it behind.  My last church (Anglican C of E) was promoting Rick Warren, and Alpha, I then realised all that was wrong, and left last year, just after that, my husband left the RC church.
    I have a heart for the Catholics, but like you I think they are totally in error, but as an ex Catholic, I myself was hardened to hearing the truth, and was arrogant, and thought I knew it all.  Lots of the "religious channels" won't offend Catholics, but truth often offends.
    We are trying to witness at the moment to some RC neighbours, and they won't talk to us now, but all we can do is tell them the truth.  I have copied and pasted earlier this week your "table of truth" RC church versus the bible, through Email, to another catholic associate, it will be interesting to hear what she has to say - if anything, or whether she will just ignore it.
    I have an ex catholic (now charismatic, tongue speaking,) associate, who also claims to have visions from "the Lord".  She told me that God speaks to the catholics individually, and I must be careful not to tell them they are wrong, as she could never do that!  She said we should just "come alongside" them, and wait on the Lord for Him to show us who to talk to.  Even then, she doesn't tell them they are in error.
    I will have a look on your website for the DVD's, but you have lots of titles on there!  There are lots of interesting articles there too. 
    I don't know much about economic recessions, but I remember thinking when it all happened, this money can't just "disappear" can it?  It must be somewhere!  I will be interested to listen to your DVD's on it anyway.
    In Him
  • Hi:

My wife and I first heard Alan at a Steeling the Mind conference and really appreciated him. Is Alan going to be speaking in any conferences in the USA in the near future? Thanks and God bless your work.

Ron H Alan responds: I will be speaking at churches in Tennessee in late August/September, then driving to the East Coast Prophecy Conference of the SWRC in Pennslvania in mid-September, followed by some speaking dates in Canada. Any church or group interested in booking me in as a speaker should be quick, please, as I must get my schedule sorted out and flights booked.  
  • Just had to let you both know how much I thoroughly enjoyed Goodbye America/Goodbye Britain.
    I again couldn't put it down :  I was on your website last night and what a pleasant surprise I got to see you had included my email, I tell you I was totally over the moon!!!!
    I was shocked to find out all the darkness behind George Bush and his family before him,  its scary {that is if you are not a Christian}  to think of what goes on behind the scenes and I don’t have much time for the current President Obama, his politics are so ungodly!! and so many are blinded by his
    charming manner {not me though, LOL}
    Through you both I have now heard of the late Barry Smith, I watched a few of his interviews on Genesis/Revelations and wow!!! amazing stuff indeed!! in fact I have ordered 4 of Barry's dvds and cant wait to watch them, I was glued to the television when he was on {LOL}  I taped your interview which was repeated on Genesis/Revelation last week and watched it again, im so encouraged by all what I have learnt.
    I said in the "lost email" about halloween and how against it I was, even as a child I never liked it and now every year it seems to become more and more of a big thing among the unsaved, though I have heard a few Christians in the past say "they see no harm in it, its only fun" {what utter lies from the "pit"}
    Another thing was, about the masons {this is really from the pit also}.  I had asked people over the years from I was a young teenager {im now 36}  "Who are these masons????" and "what’s it all about?",  of course nobody knew a thing,  only how much of a secret it was and oh these people do such "good works",  but I knew there was something not right about it and I believe The Holy Spirit was letting me know that both the masons and halloween where both darkness.
    Thank you for taking time to read my email and I
    will ask The Lord to continue to bless your work
    as people need to know the truth before the church
    is raptured from this earth and I await this moment everyday of my
    life and am excited about The Lord's return
    Marlou McA



·        Hi Alan,

I am greatly enjoying your book after picking it up in Harrogate after your talk ( Starbeck Mission ). I have found out my wife has a copy of your first EU World Empire book (unread!) I will soon be devouring that one as well - great stuff !

I should have got more of Goodbye America to pass on to friends and family. Could you please send me your mailing address so I can send you an order..   Every blessing in your work. Keith

  • Hi Alan,  

I have just finished reading your Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain book, a real eye opener, extremely well written. Much appreciation to you and your wife for all of your hard work.  

Yours sincerely, Linda D

  • Dear Alan,


Just a little note to express my thanks for sending the two tapes which I have listened to & have found very interesting and informative. I have finished your book "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain" and found it to be unputdownable! A friend is now reading it and I'm hoping my husband will read it. It had such a wonderful balance with Pat's chapters and your own. It is a very special book. 

May God bless you both as you serve Him in these last days. 

Chris J

  • Just returned from the Steeling The Mind conference and really enjoyed your presentation.  Have read Good Bye America and equally enjoyed its content.  Would like to thank you for your truthfulness and willingness to step into the firing line of the EU, modern "churches", and critics of the truth.  I plan on passing around the books and educating those in my Calvary Chapel Church. Plan on praying for you and your safety.  Thank you for your message.
 In Christ, AERON Y  
  • Dear Alan and Pat,
 We received your book several weeks ago and I've spent nearly all my spare time reading it. After each reading session I would tell Kevin, "You have to read this! There's so much we need to talk about!"I finished the book last week as we were traveling home from Mississippi. I was able to read snippets to Kevin as he drove. Many times we both said, "Hmmm. I didn't know that." Now, I'm glad I do know these things.There were several scriptures that I've not considered fully, so I've made notes and am working through them.I've started with Zechariah.Much of the national and international news that fits the prophecy puzzle is out of the mainstream media or otherwise not connected to God's plan. So much of the information was "news" to us. And since finishing the book I've not listened to a news report without thinking, "What might this REALLY mean?"We are excited to share it with others! We're thinking about who we can share it with, including our pastor and our missionary friends running a Christian library in Hungary.  Kevin and Leigh Anne,Missouri 
  • Dear Mr. Franklin,
 A friend in Florida sent me your book and I loved it.  Thank you and Pat so much for writing it.  Sincerely, J. Ariel APhoenix, Arizona 
  • A big God bless to you both Alan and Pat.  I viewed your website after watching you Alan, with Bob and Howard on Genesis TV.   I must say that your site is fully loaded with information, which I find absolutely fascinating to say the least, and I thank you for it!   (it will probably take me several hours to read it all!)  I have been a Christian now for 10 years and I am still as hungry for the Lord now as I was when I first found Him, and I am thankful for sites such as yours. We don't hear the bare knuckle truths from the pulpit as you know! I pray the Lord will carry you from strength to strength in Jesus' name.  God bless you both!


Your sister in Christ Jesus

Joanna x

  • Dear Alan


I was enthralled by the recent 'World in Focus' program on Revelation TV. Suddenly it all seemed so clear! Many thanks for all your work, research and willingness to share the information. Excellent program. Very many thanks to you all.


Jim W

Producer Teen7


  • Shalom Alan and Pat, Just been watching you speaking to Bob Mitchell from a CD that a friend sent me. Brother, every pastor needs to know this stuff. I have e-mailed around 150 churches in Northern Ireland with a article concerning Replacement Theology. Ministers who claim to know their bibles have a lot to answer for when it comes to loving and praying for the Jewish people, and the land of Israel. I think most people in our little fellowship have read your book "Goodbye America Goodbye Britain". I believe that once they started reading they couldn't put it down
Jim, Shalom Messianic Fellowship


·          Dear Alan and Pat, I would like to thank you most sincerely for the courage you have shown in producing the book 'Goodbye America-Goodbye Britain.' I spotted the book in a book shop in London yesterday and haven't been able to put it down since then. I feel that it was the Lord's intention that I went into that shop and read that book because it encouraged me greatly and confirmed a great deal of what I discern about the current state of global affairs and the Christian church. (After being out of the country on missionary work)…When I returned to the U.K this year I was shocked at what I saw. As you rightly say in your book, Britain has abandoned the Lord and consequently fallen into big trouble. I believe that this nation is finished and America is going the same way. The E.U has already swallowed up our sovereignty and most people are not aware of the ramifications for us all. We are no longer a godly country nor a patriotic country. Our children do not learn our history or to have pride in their country as we are heading towards a one world government. We are plunging into new depths of debauchery and the new generation we are raising up is a wicked and evil one with no knowledge of God.  Common sense and decency has been surrendered to political correctness and liberal ideology. In all this, as you so rightly say, the church has largely not been faithful. Prosperity teaching, the watering down of the gospel and material comfort has made Christians and so-called Christians become like the world. Most of them have abandoned the Bible except to pick out a few verses that taken out of context back up their false teaching  I want to encourage you because I know that sometimes you must get a lot of opposition and it can be very frustrating and discouraging when all around you others are compromising. I respect you and your message and pray that God will continue to use you in your ministry. Please continue to speak the truth as the church needs to hear voices such as yours. We must go on in the spirit of Elijah and confront the baals of this age and to prepare a people ready for the Lord. His is the victory and in the dark days ahead we must focus our hearts on Him. Yours with regards,Ben,Essex

Glory to Jesus!



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