Of course Obama wants Britain to stay in the European Union: it's part of the plan to bring in the New World Order and abolish nation states. Get the facts while there is still a measure of free speech. By Alan Franklin.

Obama, the evil "leader" illegally occupying The White House, has given some typically arrogant and wrong-headed advice to Britain: he wants us to stay in the EU. I suggest the community-organizer-in-chief minds his own business over Britain and Europe. He has problems enough of his own, none of which he is likely to solve, and they will get worse this year. Goodbye America! (The book Pat and I wrote on this subject, titled Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain is available from our web shop, top left on this page.)

Obama - I call him The Obamanation as he is by many leagues the worst, most deceitful, wrong headed and downright appalling person ever to reside in The White House -hates Israel, which because of his Islamic roots is hardly surprising. He spurned the visit of the world's best head of state, Israel's Netanyahu, yet found time to fawn over Cuba' s dictator, the latest Castro to hold the top office in the terror state. I didn't know Communism was dynastic....(!)

This is despite the fact that Castro's thugs seized all private property, to disperse among the party "faithful," killed and imprisoned thousands of members of the opposition and drove hundreds of thousands of freedom-lovers to flee their homeland, leaving everything behind, and have never recanted. Just the sort of man Obama likes - he recognises one of his own.

Nasty, unprincipled, anti-Christian and believing you can fool all of the people all of the time if you lie long, loud and often. How do you know when? Just watch for the lips to move. But the deceit is going on right there in the USA, where sovereignty is just another negotiable item, to be signed away by "executive order." Seems The Founding Fathers set out to establish a dictatorship, for that is what Obama's regime has done.

What is happening under the radar of the world's media, most of whom wouldn't know a story if you wrapped it round a brick and cracked them over their collective silly heads with it, is that something formerly known as The North American Union is stealthily going ahead under different names and guises. The latest was The Security  and  Prosperity Partnership which planned all manner of merging of national regulations into North American ones – exactly what happened in Europe as a prelude to “ever closer Union,” the EU’s motto.

Once trades unions, protesting Texans, Canadians and others got wind of what was afoot, it went quiet. However, like an evil octopus, other tentacles of the monster have started to wave their limbs around again.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia: On February 4, 2011, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama announced http://actionplan.gc.ca/en/page/bbg-tpf/border-action-plan a new security and prosperity initiative]. In it they planned to "to pursue a perimeter approach to security"[23] "in ways that support economic competitiveness, job creation, and prosperity".[23]

On March 13, 2011, the Canadian government announced it was beginning a five week consultation process "with all levels of government and with communities, non-governmental organizations and the private sector, as well as with our citizens"[24] on the implementation of the shared vision for perimeter security and economic competitiveness.[24]  End quote

What happens is exactly what happened to Britain under the liar and traitor Ted Heath, a pathetic specimen who was once our “Prime Minister.” He said repeatedly that the EU, which also changed its name several times, and once used the innocent sounding title “Common Market”, was just about trade and would not involve loss of sovereignty. Shortly before his death he went on TV and admitted that it had always been a political project.

No, of course you cannot trust specimens like Heath and Obama, for both of whom I have the deepest contempt.

We do not need to huddle together in huge conglomerations of nations in order to trade with each other: trade already flows freely round the world. If anyone tells you that small nations cannot make it any more on their own, point them to Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, Taiwan and others, all of whom do very nicely thank-you without belonging to vast, liberty-threatening bureaucratic blocks of countries.

True, no North American treaties have been signed. But there are many agreements, harmonisation of all kinds of trade standards etc etc. The Trans Texas Corridor, since amended but still being built- I saw it last week- is eventually intended to be a super highway, the largest in the world, going all the way from Mexican ports into a freeport in Kansas then on up into Canada, there splitting into two branches.

No wonder the Obamanation wants us in the clutches of the EU. If we regained our independence it would set back the One Worlders' plots and schemes, which are fact, not conspiracy theory.

    •  If any churches want me to talk on these subjects, Bible prophecy, the coming wars in the Middle East, the EU – final world empire – and much else, contact me via this website- alan@thefreepressonline.co.uk
    • I am in Missouri in July and will be available for church dates in states likeTexas,Tennessee,Oklahoma and Missouri. Meanwhile, our books and DVDs will fill you in on much of the news big media is too lazy – or worse – to let you know. Get informed while you still can. Freedom of speech is a fast fading flower......


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