You are watching history being made and prophecy fulfilled. The New World Order and Antichrist will step in to solve the problems. By Alan Franklin.

What’s going on in the world? Prophecy and current events indicate that these are the "times of the signs" .The time of the Gentiles is fast coming to a close. You’re watching history being made and prophecy fulfilled. Throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa it’s as if a great beast is stirring. This year will get ever more "interesting" and many of the events will have prophetic significance.What’s going on in the world? The time of the Gentiles is fast coming to a close.  (see other articles on this website.)

I am so am so inundated with information it feels like a news overload!  The headlines have been about ISIS and ISRAEL, big banking problems, the collapse of the oil price – of major importance in prophecy - it's as if the whole world is reeling and looking for solutions. The only place to find these is where most people aren’t looking: the Bible. 

Some people, like the poster of this wry comment below,see the inconsistencies. The world at large which increasingly hates Jews and Israel, a nation which is a blessing and has free speech and free elections, faces attacks from Islamics, who are seldom criticised, certainly not at the UN. From the internet yesterday: "My condolences to the families of those killed.

"More importantly, this attack only underscores the need for France to immediately engage in negotiations with French Muslims that will result in the creation of two states for two peoples, living side by side in peace and security, with Paris as a shared capital..." This, of course, is intended to be taken ironically....

 Why not? If it would work in the Middle East, then shouldn't it be OK in Europe? What does the Lord say about “divided kingdoms”? Luke 11: 17: “Any kingdom divided against itself is laid waste; and a house divided against itself falls.”Meanwhile, there are UN moves to get a resolution passed to end “Israel’s occupation” of Judea and Samaria.

The Islamic State (formerly ISIL or ISIS) is on a bloody quest to conquer Syria and Iraq, boasting it will push on across Jordan and into Israel. “Our flag will fly over Jerusalem,” it brags. It won’t!

  • Jerusalem is moving towards its role as “a cup of trembling,” with terrorist attacks and riots on the Temple Mount. Jordan is being urged by many to break off relations with Israel. Psalm 83 events shaping up?
  • Iran has now been given until June to make an agreement to be “peaceful” with its nukes! Syria is reportedly again trying to make nuclear weapons.
  • Meanwhile, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei posted on Twitter ‘9 key questions about the elimination of Israel.’ As part of the tweet, Khamenei proposed a referendum that would serve as a means for building consensus for destroying Israel.
  • Iran has supplied  Lebanese terrorists Hezbollah hundreds of missiles to fire at Israel.
  • Things are moving fast and these developments often fit into the end times’ prophetic scenario.  Today we are in a world of amazing knowledge- and shameless ignorance.

It is as if history is on fast-forward.  Daniel’s interpretation of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar - Daniel Chapter 2 – reveals the future history of the world. The Final World Empire is fast forming. This is the fourth kingdom of Daniel 2; 40: “Then there will be a fourth kingdom as strong as iron; inasmuch as iron crushes and shatters all things, so, like iron that breaks in pieces, it will crush and break all these in pieces.” The good news follows in verse 44:  The lord will return and the Final World Empire will be smashed. Many of the facts about this are in our books and on our DVDS, available from our web shop.




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'Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come ... saying, "Where is the promise of His coming?'
2 Peter 3:3

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