A huge wake-up call for Israel.

by Pat Franklin

An important book is out this week in Israel .  It is the Hebrew version of “Footsteps  of the Messiah” by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum, translated from the English by our son-in-law Michael Nissim.

The Hebrew version will be in two volumes, and it is volume one which has just been released.  Michael worked for two years on the translation of both volumes.

“Footsteps” is a brilliant work in which Dr. Fruchtenbaum attempts to put the entire body of end times prophecies into sequence.  So if you want to know what comes next…get the book!  I remember when our (English) copy came in the mail.  Three of us were trying to read it at the same time!  When one put it down, someone else would take it up.  Now, years later, it is a very well-thumbed copy and when we need an answer on some point of end times prophecy, “Footsteps” is  still the first book we turn to.

To have it available now in Hebrew is ground-breaking.  If the people of Israel would only read it – and read the New Testament – it could spark a marvellous revival.  In fact, we believe it probably will do that, but unfortunately not now. 

We know that after the church is removed from this earth, and the terrible judgements of the Great Tribulation begin to devastate the planet, many millions of people will be saved by turning to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God who died as a sacrifice for the sins of all those who believe in Him.

The Bible teaches that a day is coming when all Israel will be saved, but alas only when two-thirds of the Jews have been killed. 

But although the church age end times  believers are destined to be raptured, possibly quite soon, our books, CDs, DVDs etc will be left behind, as well as hundreds of millions of Bibles.  

I would think that “Footsteps” will be a very sought after book in that awful time ahead ! 

Our prayer is that many in Israel will read it now and turn to the Lord Jesus, their Messiah, and be saved now – saved from having to go through the worst time in the history of the world. 

As for our son-in-law Michael, we are very proud that he has succeeded in translating Arnold’s great work.  It meant overcoming a lot of practical difficulties, not least of which was the high volume of noise generated by our four grandchildren in their small apartment in Israel !  Now that is overcoming of a very high order !


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