Moslems flocking to live in America

More Muslims settling in U.S. WASHINGTON (UPI) -- More than 40,000 Muslims came to the United States in 2005, the highest annual number since the 2001 terror attacks, officials in Washington said. Also last year, more people from Muslim countries became legal permanent U.S.residents -- nearly 96,000 -- than in the previous two decades, The New York Times reported Sunday. The figures are based on data collected by the Department of Homeland Security and the Census Bureau. The number of Muslim immigrants dipped sharply after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Times said. But five years later, immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia are settling in states from Virginia to Texas to California. Some estimates report that up to 6 million Muslims live in the United States, the newspaper said.


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