Young, fit muslims should stand and fight, not run to the West!

Refugees? Yes, but among them there are a great number of young, able-bodied muslim men.  Surely they should be staying and fighting – not turning tail and running to the West !    The men in our town would stand and fight – not run and demand asylum.  In World War Two the refugees were women, children and old people – not young, fit men.  The men were  fighting, not hoping for a better life somewhere else.    

If ISIS threatened any town in Britain or America, the men would be taking action, not running away.  This would be very difficult in Britain, because the government emasculated the men years ago by confiscating all their firearms.  Thank God for the American Constitution, which enables armed men to defend their families.  If ISIS tried their loathsome tactics in America, the men would be loading up, not  packing a rucksack and heading for the border!  

So when the young male refugees do arrive in the West in vast numbers, why not give them weapons and send them back to fight for their homes?  Perhaps many would be glad to try  – instead of demanding their ‘human rights’ in our countries.  The situation is absolutely sickening.

‘I love my country,’ one of them just said on TV.  Well, get back there and fight for it then !  Our Christian fathers and grandfathers fought to keep Europe and America free.  Why aren’t the young muslim men doing the same?  Both Britain and America have spent millions trying to train them up - let's see some fruit from all that money and effort.  But the more we meddle, the worse the mess becomes. 

Luke 11:21 talks about ‘a strong man, fully armed’ who defends his own household.   Many of the Kurds are already doing this. They are setting a good example.


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'And call no man your father upon the earth; for one is your Father, which is in heaven.' (In defiance or perhaps ignorance of this, Catholic and Anglican priests are addressed as 'Father' and the pope is called 'Holy Father.')
Matthew 23:9

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