Iran's plans for a united Islamic army. And Alan Franklin's comments on why they will fail - again.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Iran's leaders are planning to form a united Islamic army. This dream - or should it be nightmare - would of course have the aim of removing Israel from the map. Not that Israel features on any Islamic maps - it is referred to as "The Zionist Entity." Of course, the world wonders how this tiny "entity," so flawed in its eyes, manages to hold at bay several hundred million hostile neighbors. If they read the Bible they would learn that they - the Islamics that is - have no chance. I would advise the world not to hold its breath as this plan meanders forward. Much of the Islamic world hates Iran, which is run by Shia Muslims. The Sunni states, like Saudi Arabia and Eygpt, would never join forces with them. They are also Persians, not Arabs, of course. Their ceaseless plotting will come to naught as Israel's destiny is to be the world's leading nation. Anyone who thinks this is far-fetched should study Bible prophecy - or come to one of my talks. The only reason for Israel's astonishing existence is that they have a friend in high places. God, to be precise. Against him, all the armies of the world will shortly find they are impotent. Meanwhile, they have cunning plans....Ho ho ho. Iranian Parliament Mulls Formation of Islamic Army TEHRAN (FNA)- Members of the Iranian parliament's Security Commission are developing a project to create the United Army of Islamic Countries, two parliamentarians have said. Two members of the Iranian parliament's security commission, Ismail Kosari and Mahmoud Ahmadi, said the commission is addressing the issue. However, neither of them revealed details. Kosari said that once the project was approved at the parliament, the Iranian government would discuss with Islamic countries the creation of the United Army of Islamic Countries in order to prevent attacks on the member states. The United Army would be created under the auspices of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). According to the MPs, besides preventing attacks on its member states, the United Army would also prevent conflicts among them. Ahmadi also said he believes if the project is discussed and approved by Islamic countries, they will render not only moral but also practical assistance to Palestine. (I think they mean Israel. There is no country called Palestine. AF)


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