The EU superstate moves to decimate the herbal medicine business. Big Brother is in full swing, as only huge corporations will survive in the New World Order. By Alan Franklin.

The European Union – the superstate which is sucking the life out of 27 formerly free, sovereign nations of Europe - is about to ban many herbal remedies, including some used for hundreds of years. Before huge drug companies grew up, to provide us with “remedies” at great expense, ordinary folk in Europe foraged for medicinal herbs. These were free, sometimes worked well and gave people with initiative the chance to make some money by preparing and selling herbal treatments.  All this must stop from May this year.

The EU likes dealing only with the big battalions which it can easily control. The fewer the better, which is why vast conglomerates are taking over smaller firms round the world and why the British just lost control of  Cadbury’s , our fine old chocolate firm. Just a few corporations will control most commerce round the world, part of the coming New World Order plan. Under the new rules, utterly unnecessary for any practical or logical reason, if you supply medicinal herbs each treatment will have to undergo tests, at vast expense.

Most firms involved are small, just like the smaller seed and vegetable producers, who have also been put out of business, together with tens of thousands of family firms across Europe.So lots of useful, effective remedies will simply vanish from the shops, many of which will also close. Never mind, three or four mega drugs will will supply- at vast expense- all our medicinal needs. Isn’t that comforting?  

Now read the full story, from my friend Derek Bennett, ( editor of The Euro Realist, source of so much news exposing the vile “superstate” that ungulfs us like a malign octopus.   

Derek writes: I recently  decided to have a tidy up in the pantry, orwhatever you can call it, under the stairs in our house.  I then realized just how many 100w incandescent light bulbs we had – and there wasa lot of them as I had been storingthem for months before the EUbanned them in favour of the so-called‘energy saving‘ bulbs which give out little light and are a serious health hazard if broken, due to them being filled with mercury, which ironically the EU has banned in other things.  Such are the mad, hypocritical ways of the EU.

My advanced hoarding of 100w bulbs made me wonder if those who have been safely using herbal medicines for years are now busy doing the same thing. As from the 1st May this year new EU rules will be enforced regarding the manufacture and supply of herbal medicines. The effects of this will impact quite a bit upon those who both supply and use them.  Under the new EU rules only those registered with, and approved by, the EU will be able to manufacture and prescribe herbal remedies, manyof which have been used safely for centuries.

All manufacturers of herbal medicines will have to have their remedies tested at a cost of between £80,000 to£100,000 per herb used.   This means that a product which is already known to be safe after years of use, which uses five types of herb, could cost up to half a million quid to get tested. Something that sells for a pound or two will no longer be viable and soon many herbal medicines will vanish, much to the frustration of their users.  The other impact will be on those who retail these products as all herbal medicines will have to be prescribed.

Currently a person can walk into their local herbal suppler store, have a mooch around, pick up something from the shelf, pay for it at the till and, hopefully, their piles or  other ailments will be cured and never return.   But after the 1st May they are going to have to consult someone who is an EU approved herbal practitioner before obtaining their regular remedy – if, of course, the manufacturers can still afford to produce the remedies due to the enormous testing costs imposed by the EU.   This new EU directive, like all badly conceived EU directives and rules, is going to have an impact which, as yet, is not known.

UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass  often relates a tale which reflects the impact such measures as this have. Due to the EU’s REACH directive many chemical products have to be tested at a similar cost to those above.   A few years ago a businessman based in Worcester invented a very simple fly trap which was ideal for exporting to many parts of the world where such a low tech product would have been of great value. It was a simple design which used ordinary pepper within the trap to make its sides slippery so when the flies and other pests fell in they couldn’t get out.   

He was all ready to begin production and take on staff; he had customers lined up around the world – then the EU stepped in and told him that to get it approved under the REACH directive he would have to pay a vast sum of money to get its chemical ingredients tested. “Oh, there’s no problem there” said our businessman; its only pepper, the same as people have been putting on their food for as long as man has been cooking.  

“Oh no” said the man from the EU, once it goes into a fly trap it becomes an insecticide and has to be tested. The end result is he now produces and exports his fly traps in a non-EU country which is not bogged down with petty-fogging rules. The people he was going to employ in the UK remained on the dole. 

Such is the impact of the EU.The chances are that after the 1st May herbal retail outlets will struggle to survive, many will go to the wall with subsequent job losses and many herbal remedies will vanish. From then on there will no doubt be a black market of illegal, and suspect products which will take their place either from back street suppliers or on-line. Those taking them will never fully know what they are taking or the safety of the product - that is when the real poisoning will begin, all thanks to the EU. 


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