Act now to remove the Kenyan Conman from the White House. Opinion by Alan Franklin.

Readers who key in “Obama” or “Obamanation” into our search engine top right will know that I have never believed a word uttered by The Kenyan Conman - the first illegal immigrant to con his way into The White House. You will find dozens of stories going right back to the time this shifty, glib, evil Manchurian Candidate first came to worldwide notice in 2008. We told of people with personal stories of his Kenyan background, his time in Indonesia when he was registered at school as Moslem, and much else – all of which the pathetic excuse for big media ignored or ridiculed.

If you have no case, know no facts, care not a jot for the truth - just like big media –you try and turn everything into a big joke. There’s hardly a journalist worth the name out there today- certainly none I would employ. If there were, Obama would by now be where he rightly belongs- in jail, not prancing around acting the part of “President.”

Instead, they make a joke of those who rightly demanded that the Obamanation produce a genuine - not faked – birth certificate. (His recently produced so-called birth certificate, full of errors and an obvious fake, could easily have been knocked up by anyone with basic knowledge of Photoshop.)

As I travel America I constantly have to produce documents proving I am who I claim to be. You can’t even buy a car without proof of identity. Yet the Community-Organiser-in-Chief managed to sidle into the White House, backed by the brainless and the devious, without ever proving where he was born. The Kenyan Ambassador is on record as saying it was Kenya. His grandma agreed. But what would they know….?

Liberal big media loved the conman and anointed him president without ever asking him a serious or difficult question. What pass for press conferences these days wouldn’t cause a Scoutmaster to worry, let alone a well coached operator from Chicago, America’s most corrupt city.

One uncorrupted organization is The Tea Party and here is their latest statement. Read it and learn how you can oust the most evil man ever to occupy The White House.



The Tea Party says:

Let me ask you a question:

Is it possible for "America’s Fraud President" to fix the elections?

Is Obama: (if that’s his name) planning to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people again? Is this the precursor to an Obama Coup? Bottom line is, the Blame Stream Media has consistently protected "America's Fraud President" and buried Obama frauds such as:

  • Forged birth certificate issued by the White House
  • Multiple Social Security numbers
  • Sealed college records
  • Surrendered license to practice law
  • Missing birth records in Hawaii!
  • Selective Service records sealed
  • Foreign passports
  • Association with known communists and subversives
  • Sworn testimonies by credible witnesses proving Obama was not born in America
  • America's top Sherriff threatened if he continues investigating the Obama Frauds
  • ...and the list goes on!

It’s time to "suck it up" and get ready to overwhelm the system - break the fix, destroy the fraud with your votes and voices! The Tea Party win must be so massive that all the frauds Obama can throw America will not stick!

"We the People" must not back down, must not go quietly into the night, but take our stand and do what America is depending on us to do!

Break the fix by overwhelming the polls with our votes!

We must support our candidates, vote for what is right about America and not quit until all the damage Obama has done is reversed and the socialist unseated - kicked back to wherever he came from!

America Must Never Be Obamafied!

Shall I go on? What are you going to tell your children about:

  • How America armed the Drug Lord Armies of Mexico and killed innocent Mexican and U.S. families...
  • How American Ambassadors were raped and publicly executed...
  • How we elected a man who we didn’t even know his name...
  • How America made profit and free-enterprise dirty words...
  • How America bowed to the rest of the world and apologized for our exceptionalism?

Are you going to say: "Son, I was just trying to get along, be cooperative and tolerant, I’m sorry you are screwed."

Or, are you going to say:

"I fought for America, freedom and the free-enterprise system. I rallied my friends, we voted and today you have a great land to inherit."

The writing is on the wall! Read it. This is America’s last chance.

Please say YES and DONATE TODAY to help us keep going with our campaign to EXPOSE AMERICA’S FRAUD PRESIDENT and take out this imminent and deadly threat.

We are down to the wire. Only a few days remain for us to bring America back to her kick Obama out of the White House once and for all. Let’s do it.


You are the hope for America. When the chips are down the American people come through every time. Many recognize the internal destruction causing havoc in America but feel powerless and don’t know what to do next.

Well the Tea Party has the answer and it is to empower you!

Here are some of the ways you can be involved form the comfort of your home or office:


  • Be a sponsor and help get the message out to America and By-Pass the Lame Stream media. For less than .23 per household!

DONATE – Grassroots Funded Non-Profit - GIVE

  • Keep the Tea Party going by helping underwrite our work. We get no government money, no fat cat PACS, our efforts are completely funded by YOU!

SEND A FAX BLAST – 435 Fax Pages in one order! - BLAST

  • All 100 Senators and all 435 Members of the House of Representatives. Prewritten low-cost fax blast. Blast the hell out of them!

FREE – Join Our Social Network Site -JOIN

  • Free page, blog, forums, post/watch videos, talk to like-minded Patriots, read postings, join in free chats, get free Newsletters, Alerts, and much more


  • Give your friends a chance to get involved. They can get free Tea Party newsletters, alerts; join our free social network site and so much more!


Please donate now to the ONE MILLION PLUS CALL CAMPAIGN to expose America’s Fraud President and keep the incredible momentum going! Tea Party Citizens have tasted let’s take it all the way to Capitol Hill!

To squashing America’s Fraud President and the face of evil!


Steve Eichler

PS: There is still time - but not much - for us to get rid of the dangerous fraud in the White House. Donate whatever you can today so America’s future is secured for tomorrow. A donation of just $23 can help us reach 100 households. Donate now - whatever you can do will help, no matter how large or small! We’re down to the wire, making calls fast and furious. Please help us do as much as we can by election day. Hurry, there are only a few days left!


...and don’t forget: Pray for America now. (If Obama keeps this up and is handed another four years, tomorrow prayer may be outlawed.)



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