If you boycott Israeli goods, you should give up your mobile phone! by Pat Franklin

A woman wearing traditional muslim dress  stood in front of a Marks and Spencer store in a town in northern England, handing out leaflets calling on shoppers to boycott the store because among its items were a few items from Israel (the only democracy in the Middle East).  No one stopped her. No policeman came to politely ask her to move on. No one confiscated her leaflets.   She handed copies to some Christians who went to the trouble of responding to this attack.

They made the point that if some Arabs want to boycott Israel, they should give up using their mobile phones, voice mail, and many other modern innovations developed in, guess where – Israel! I would add that perhaps  Arabs in Israel* who agree with this boycott would like to give up the free medical treatment and free education which they receive  - a far cry from the inhuman treatment the Jews suffered for centuries in Arab lands. So, we at thefreepressonline.co.uk urge all our readers to support Israel by buying their products in Marks and Spencer or wherever else they are on offer.

Here is the gentle and loving response leaflet of the north of England Christians:

‘We pray for the Jewish people and the Arab people in the land of Israel and pray that our heavenly Father will reveal His truth before them.‘Not a day goes by without the TV, radio or printed media mentioning the conflict in the Middle East. As the modern state of Israel suffers a regular battering, it is all coloured by a perspective and agenda of some kind. We could say that there is no news, only propaganda!  This is very true when it comes to the news about Israel.

'Only the Bible can make this confusion clear and give us a sense of God's sovereignty in a world that seems out of control. Please read Genesis Chapter 16 verse 12 and Genesis 15:18-21. A detailed description of the land’s borders was given to the children of Israel as they were about to enter the land after 400 years in Egypt. Please read Numbers 34:1-12,  Ezekiel 47:15-20 and Ezekiel 48:1-28 'God our heavenly Father certainly knows the full area which He promised Israel. Israel has yet to inhabit all that God promised and I can assure you that they certainly have not stolen any land.

'God says that this is the land that He promised to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the Jewish people. Recent settlers from Gaza who were resettled in a sand dune area are already making it ‘blossom like a rose.’ Praise God! As Christians our agenda for life is determined by God’sWord, the holy Bible, not by the press or the political opinion of the masses.

'Only 60 years after its birth, Israel is a nation that has had a great impact on the world for good. Relative to its population Israel is the largest immigrant-absorbing nation on earth and certainly does not operate an apartheid racist system.  The nation also publishes the world’s second highest number of new books per capita. Secondly, the mobile phone was developed by Motorola in Israel. Voice mail technology was developed in Israel along with many more inventions. 

'Those who want to boycott Israel will have to give up a lot of modern innovations that have made the world a much better place. Israel’s opponents should thank her, not boycott her. God is going to have the last word and one day all Israel’s enemies will face God’s judgement.

'Thank God, He is in control and we pray for the Jewish nation and the peace of Jerusalem.'


*In fact the Arabs I met in Israel are just trying to get on with  their lives, not looking for trouble. They know they have it good in Israel.  And Arab Christian believers we met there are very comfortable with Israel occupying its own land at long last.



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