The only solution to our troubles is a return to Biblical values - by Alan Franklin.

A Polish man told me today that he would love to get back to his home country, as Britain, where he works, is in such a mess. It is literally a mess, as you see from the time you touch down at filthy, third-world style Heathrow Airport, and is in a spiritual, economic and moral mess as a stroll along any high street will confirm. Just don't stroll at night if you want to survive in one piece. What is the cause of all this?

Well, it has nothing to do with economics. Britain, like America, is still relatively wealthy and the people, for the most part, eat well. This will change, but that's how it is now.

The problem, compounded by 12 years of Socialism under Blair and then Brown, is that our leaders think that if they pass enough laws things will improve and people will behave.

But these laws, in a country made great by evangelical Christianity, are no longer based on the Bible. When they were there was discipline, respect, family life, modesty, justice and a Christian message that echoed round the world.

When I left secondary school at the age of 16, I was presented with a Bible and it was referred to as the greatest gift I could get. Today there would, at best, be some multi-faith mishmash, perhaps a document saying that all faiths are equal and none has the monopoly on truth. Thus our children, increasingly barely educated at all, leave school with an inability to discern truth, or even to believe there is such a thing as absolute truth.

The result, as I said above, can be seen in bad behavior on the streets, impacted as they were by Tony Blair's decision to allow bars to open 24 hours a day. Increasingly many of our young people, lacking a moral compass, drink themselves to oblivion, take drugs and pass the time by beating each other up. Many don't do this, of course, and I am generalising. But enough do to make life on the streets perilous in places.

Immoral behaviour, encouraged by a culture that sets no limits or rules on personal practices, has led to an illegitimate birthrate approaching 50 per cent of all births in Britain. Such a society, where each child could be raised by a dozen different "fathers," has no future.

Is there any way back? A nation can always pray, as Britain did in the Second World War, when we - like Israel in 1948 - had our deliverance from a seemingly overwhelming enemy.

God hears the prayers of His saints - that's all true Christians, of course. God is still on the throne. And prayer changes things. We should also study His word, the Bible, and see how He views our behaviour.

These few thoughts were prompted by this e-mail from a reader who sees the problem and also sees parallels with the situation described by Isaiah when God's people turned from Him and trusted in treaties instead. Britain has joined in a treaty with what will prove to be the most evil empire the world has ever seen - the EU, the final world empire.

Here is the e-mail query and my response:

Dear Alan,

I have just started reading your book "Goodbye America.  Goodbye Britain".  A few years ago God gave me loads of scriptures concerning the church and for our nation as well.  Do you think Isaiah Ch30 is true for this country?  Particularly in V1 where it says "forming an alliance but not by my spirit.  Heaping sin upon sin" tying up with the European Union?  I

Was it originally to do with Israel making an alliance with Egypt?  Do you think that the reason prophetic people have so many problems in church is because church leaders don't want the truth.  Isaiah Ch 30 V10 may give a very good explanation "Leave this way, get off this path and stop confronting us with the holy one of Israel"  A friend of mine was praying for our nation and he had a vision of a big wall with cracks in it.  I believe that Isaiah Ch 30 V13 ties up with it.  What do you think?

Love and prayers to you both, Debbie
Good evening Debbie.
Isaiah 30 concerns the fall of the alliance of Judah with Egypt, with chapter 31 fleshing out the detail. If you read verses 18-22 you will see also that Israel will finally come to faith in the Lord and be regenerated after they have been judged, in the Time of Jacob's troubles - the worst time for Jews in the world's history. God sends judgements for correction and reproof.
Isaiah 30; 23-26 is interesting in that it relates to greatly increased productivity which will come to the (greatly expanded) land of Israel in the millennium. So there is a bright hope for the future - but first come the troubles.
Commentators call chapters 28 to 33;24 the chapters of woe but the dreadful events described foreshadow worse troubles in the future -see Luke 21;20.
Like Judah, Britain has entered into an evil alliance and like them we are looking to the wisdom of men to escape from our troubles. Judah was urged to trust in Jehovah, but didn't, of course. Judah trusted in Eygpt and we trust in Brussels- it is just as stupid.
However, we will have a king who will reign in righteousness - see chapter 32.
The point of chapter 30 is that the Jewish people were rebellious, unwilling to trust in the God who had brought them out of Eygpt and sustained them thus far. We in Britain (and many other countries) follow a similar pattern: today our lands are polluted with idols and false religions. The Lord our God is a jealous God and will not forever put up with this. Hence the judgement currently being experienced by the world - a judgement that is far from over in my opinion. I have been predicting the "coming Greater depression" since summer 2006 and stick by that forecast (it's not a prophecy!).
When a nation - any nation - turns from God and thinks itself clever enough to solve its own problems, expect mounting trials. The pattern of problems experienced by the Jewish people down the centuries should warn us of the consequences. Everything has consequences, blessings or cursing. The Bible sets it out plainly. Most people ignore this and are now finding out what it is like to live in an increasingly Godless society.
Finally, you may find our website, of interest. Pat and I have also just published our third book, on cults and isms and end times deceptions. Many articles of interest can be called up from our search engine on the top right of the front page.
With thanks for your prayers and support - from Alan (Pat is in Israel for three more weeks.)


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