More details of the conspiracy to destroy America's sovereignty - comment by Patriot

This was written almost four years ago. It received quite wide distribution at that time through the efforts of Frosty Wooldrige. Since the destruction of the USA is still going on, perhaps it is time to look at it again, as we race against time to expose the treason in high places under the banner of World Government, and the hands-on direction of the CFR, or Council of Foreign Relations and the White House.

How is the United States being destroyed? It is being destroyed deliberately by the leadership of a tiny minority of elitists in high places, whose long range goal has been to bring about "The New World Order", made popular by President George H.W. Bush in 1990 just before his first Iraq War. Most people have yet to find out what that means. And to confuse the issue still more, the term is being gradually replaced by "Globalism", or Global Governance. But this is bad news for Americans, because it means replacing our free and Sovereign Land of Liberty with a Socialist/Communist type One World Dictatorship, pieces of which are already in place.

Like the Frog in Hot Water story, it has been heating up so slowly that few realize we are so far gone. So they remain in ignorance, courtesy of the controlled news media, whose familiar voices are never allowed to expose what the Internationalists are doing to us.  Who are those that seek this, and why? To go back 4000 years to ancient Babylon, the men of that day built the Tower of Babel in an attempt to reach Heaven and control their world. Presumably, the builders expected to prosper from their efforts to "do it their way" But the Lord saw it differently, and dispersed them with a confusion of languages.

Now in the newest land of the Globalists, they have a new European Union Parliament building in Strasbourg, France, built to look like the original Tower of Babel, as they seek for the one who will become their leader. So human greed and the struggle for dominion over God and man continues. Under Socialism, the biblical concept of a just and loving God is usually replaced by a Godless tyranny, where human rights can come only from the all powerful state.

Neither the UN nor the EU recognize God in their charters, versus our concept of "One Nation, Under God."  Who are the prime movers of the New World Order? They are The Council On Foreign Relations, or CFR. They are the most powerful eite club in the country, and pull all of the important strings, including the White House. They were founded in 1921 to replace the League of Nations, having the same purpose of bringing about World Government. The man in the street knows little about them, even though they choose our Presidents and top leaders in every phase of  US life. And that is the way they want it.

In fact, David Rockefeller, their president for fifteen years, once thanked the media for keeping their goings-on quiet. They produce an annual report which lists their entire membership and officers. It is a compilation of the names of the top people in every phase of American life, such as banking, the military, media, education, Congress, courts, industry and publishing. Columnists and commentators all know that to mention them negatively can be unhealthy for their job prospects. So they keep perfectly silent.

The Rockefellers gave the land for the UN building in New York, and it was a committee from the CFR that wrote the UN Charter under the leadership of Communist Alger Hiss, starting in 1941 just after Pearl Harbor. The recent Republican White House was loaded with them, including Cheney, Rice and many others, while five of the top Democrat contenders are also CFR agents. They form the base of a triangle, above which are the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers, all working for the same Globalist goals. A few CFR members hold membership in all three, such as Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and the late ex-President Gerald Ford.

Big Banking sits above them all. What is their immediate plan, called FTAA? This deal has been quietly cooking since 1994 in Globalist circles. It is called the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Like the European Union, it has little to do with free trade. Rather, it is an attempt to merge the USA with all other 33 countries of the Americas in a new monstrosity which will swallow up them all. It is expected to be called The American Union; you know, like the Soviet Union.

It presupposes a new governing body to take over the Western Hemisphere. A document entitled The Declaration of Quebec City, signed after their third conference in April of 2001, shows in Globalist/UN lingo that it involves far more than "free trade" It will mean the end of the USA as we have known it, courtesy of our beloved US Congress and Senate who have very few who can be counted on to stand by the Constitution. The 60 or so that form the Socialist Caucus will surely vote for it. How do we reconcile the President's talk of "Freedom" in all this? I do not know. Yet this sounds great in a speech after taking a solemn oath on the Bible to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United State of America .

But if it was deliberately untrue, and the God of the Bible is alive and well, something has to give. The Old Testament history reveals that entire nations were punished because of bad kings and judges. Why has there been a plunge into enormous debt? Much is relates to the War on Terror: about $200 Billion. Who profits? If we could profit through a deal like the Federal Reserve (private)Banking System has as it collects its interest for shuffling Government paper through its office, wouldn't it be wonderful? Instead, we must pay for their sweetheart arrangement.

They and their agents play a powerful part in initiating wars, for example where they first destroyed and then rebuilt Iraq, as with Europe in WWII. I also believe they need an America brought to its knees in bankruptcy and in turmoil, begging to receive the salvation offered by their global schemes. Otherwise, no free citizen in his right mind would give up what we have had for 229 years for a mess of Socialist pottage. Just to make sure any disgruntled ones can be legally and efficiently taken care of, they now have their Homeland Security and Patriot Acts I and II to handle them. They have thought of almost everything.

What are our chances of reversing these plans? Very slight, humanly speaking. The legal authority for them to do as they will is well in place, including FEMA and a host of other threats to our freedom. A state of emergency can be declared by presidential decree that will turn the code to Red, for as long as it takes. New people are being put into place in top law enforcement, people who have questionable backgrounds. Wherever we are heading, there is slight chance of turning back peaceably, it seems. But with God, all things are possible! What about Bush's 9/11 Investigation Commission? The first person picked to serve on it was CFR member/agent Henry Kissinger. His record as a living disaster to the interests of the US is unparalleled. He made himself the czar over all intelligence under Nixon and undoubtedly controlled the secret taping system in the White House that caused Nixon's downfall. He was in charge of all disarmament, and recommended that the US seek the best deal with the Soviets to save our necks, which was a hoax. (It turned out that the USSR was poorly armed, with inferior weapons.)

His appointment to the Commission by Bush did it for me, as far as intent and integrity goes. Although Kissinger and George Mitchell resigned, the majority of the rest of the 14 or so member are all CFR, of course. And then Bush  appointed Negropointe to be the  czar over all US Intelligence. The CFR web site was It figures. They have all the answers that fit what data  they want released. What gimmick was used to start the war in Iraq and other places?

We pretty much remember the ballyhoo that started the Iraq conflict.  Some people call it lies. We must all ponder whether it was worth it in the cost to the United States. We all know now that the story about gunboats attacking our fleet in Vietnam was false. Pearl Harbor was used by Roosevelt to drag us into WWII. The sinking of the liner Lusitania helped to get us into WWI, and the explosion of the US Battleship Maine caused the unnecessary war with Spain. Hitler's staged attack on the government in Germany helped his rise to power. The ruse  still works.

What is needed for Americans to accept World Government? We have to be to be continually lied to by the prostituted  media, and kept from ever finding out certain basic facts about their continued existence in a free nation. We must be continually bombarded with threats of terrorist action, perhaps including some events that could be real or staged for a purpose. They must be hurting badly, I believe, for real Americans to cave in. But the strident voices of the left will be there, urging them to surrender. So what is our answer? "Quit ye like men. Be strong and of good courage.' Seek alternative sources of information. Inform your friends. Don't believe anyone that you know has ever lied to you. Don't be fearful. Practice acting responsibly, and be examples to our children. Seek the Lord of the Bible. He will never fail you now or in eternity!


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