Bias, distortion and lies- yes, it's the Biased Broadcasting Organisation, caught out again.

Of course the bias of the BBC is now acknowledged but actually lying is something else on top of that ! They think they can continue to get away with it as they have so far. The day of reckoning will come and we must hope that all these Labour apparatchiks paid by the viewers will get the sack. Christina Speight ========================== PRIVATE EYE 1192 31/8-13/9/07 (underlinings are my emphases -cs) The BBC's coverage of Tory M P John Redwood's Competitiveness Commission report forced Helen Boaden, Auntie's director of news, to issue an apology on her blog. Well, a partial apology: she denied a suggestion from the Conservative blogger Iain Dale that the BBC had started all its news bulletins with the words "The Labour Party has today criticised..." by giving a list of examples to demolish his apparently flimsy case. On closer inspection, however, every example she picked did contain Labour criticism within the first 20 seconds For example: =BBC One/ News 24 6am "Labour says it's evidence the right had regained control of the Tory agenda . . ." =Radio 4, 8am "Labour says it's evidence he right has regained control of the Tory agenda . . ." =Radio 2, 11am "Labour says it's evidence that those on the right are back in control of the Tory agenda . ." =BBC news website " Labour claims the proposals show the party is lurching back to the right in the face of disappointing polls." =Five Live, 11am "Labour has condemned the latest review of policy carried out by the Conservatives as a lurch back to the right wing of politics" Of course, in the interests of balance and impartiality , all this was broadcast a full week before the bulk of Redwood'/s report was released to the press.


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