From Barry Smith to Big Brother, the coming crash, Israel - and the problems in finding a good church. Several articles for the price of one!

A regular reader, Colin Ford, alerted me to a brilliant TV programme on Channel Four in Britain called “Britain’s Trillion Pound Horror Story,” available on this link: Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story - Britain's Trillion Pound Horror Story - Channel 4   This documentary, one of the best things I have seen on TV, showed graphically what I have been saying for years: Britain, like America, is basically bankrupt.


Unlike Ireland and Greece, the creditors are not yet losing sleep, but that must only be a matter of time if we keep spending like mad lottery winners.  I have watched it through twice and wish every politician would view it.  The day after the broadcast it should have been the number one topic of conversation in every workplace, home, train etc. However, I have found through the years that very few people want to know the truth or are even interested.


When I speak in Britain you may get 60 turn up on a good day. I'm not speaking on anything important, just the crash of civilization, the coming of antichrist and the second coming of our Lord! So obviously the soaps and sport are more interesting.....  I am hoping to sit down next week and spend some time transcribing some of the TV comments into a short article. I thought they got it dead right - a rare thing on TV!  


Here is Colin’s e-mail, full of wisdom, like the programme: “I know that you have been preaching and writing about this mess for a long time now. But this is on mainstream television now! Will many heed the warnings? I think they will stay tuned to Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing  and every soap opera!  I have read and listened to most of Barry Smith's books, tapes, cd's and dvd's etc. I have read your books and keep reading your on-line page. I have read and listened to an awful (some is!) lot of other stuff as well! When I first became a believer in 2001 I used to watch Barry on Revelation TV - it was cutting edge stuff then. Revelation TV has lost its way and is, I believe, ecumenical and I don't watch it any more. (Alan adds: My friend and mentor, the late Barry Smith, always said: "Cash will crash in a flash." Like many of his other predictions, I expect this to come true in the not too distant future.)


Colin continues: “I wonder how much this debt balloon is going to expand by before it finally bursts? As you know this cannot go on indefinitely. All the world’s finance leaders are constantly meeting each other on what seems like a daily basis, and with Ireland et al about to fall, something has to give. I feel that the bank collapse nearly three years ago is going to look like a tick on a dog's back compared to what is around the corner.(I think you call it the Greater Depression).  


“When this goes how can there be a soft landing? There is bound to be a re-alignment of the world's banking system - I believe what happened in the Weimar Republic is a precursor to what is round the corner on the world stage - something that could be a forerunner to the Revelation 13.17 system. 


“Only tonight on the news I watched Obama under the biggest statue of Buddha I have seen for a long while. The world IS in a mess. On that C4 programme how perplexed were those politicians when asked about the size of OUR national debt? They were clueless! These are people in OUR parliament running OUR country! As long as they get paid, the welfare state continues to operate and the £50 notes keep being printed ..That’s all they care about. 


“What I find really strange is that people are still in a state of denial. They think that everything is just going to keep on going on as it always has done. But then again the same was true with Noah and the flood and at Sodom and Gomorrah. The other day a Chinese businessman  paid £53m for a vase! Are these people doing this because they feel that cash is not king?  Only God can help us; the bible answers every question there is. Also, I have noticed that within the Christian community there is sometimes too much focus on Israel instead of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not that Israel isn't important, she most assuredly IS! and all believers SHOULD pray for God to protect her and bring His prophetic Word to pass regarding the apple of His eye.”  


 I (Alan) then replied that the two per cent of Colin’s comment I didn't agree with was about the focus on Israel. Israel is THE focus of the end times, the times we are in. The whole story is centred there- the world's eyes are on there. That doesn't mean we should worship the Jews, and my Jewish relatives would agree on that! The problem with the church at large is that if it does focus on Israel, it is from the wrong angle, from a worldly, political viewpoint, usually ill-informed. But the prophetic events unfolding are foreshadowed in the Jewish feasts- especially the rapture, which is also a type of the Jewish wedding, when the bridegroom comes unexpectedly for the bride - the church - at a time she knows not. Her job - ours- is to keep our lamps lit and burning bright, so as to be ready. Unless there is an understanding of the Jewishness of scripture the Bible remains much of a mystery.  


Colin then clarified what he meant, and we ended in complete agreement. Here’s the rest of the discourse: “About that two percent! About two years ago I left a messianic fellowship that I had been fellowshipping in for about two years after coming out of a charismatic church after coming out of a Baptist Union Baptist Church! 


“I went to Israel in 2007 and when about to go down and 'pray to the wall' .I thought; why is this? This is superstition! So I didn't. This upset some of the congregation. I then began to question all the other rituals and Jewish rites that they were into: Gentile believers wearing kippas, prayer shawls, blowing shofars, keeping the havdalah and other mystic Jewish traditions that no doubt the Lord Jesus Christ would have something to say about. Talk about an identity crisis!   


“Also, they were influenced by John Hagee's dual covenant theology (that Jews can be saved by the law!) - another Revelation ecumenical TV hero! Justin Peters was a breath of fresh air! The bible says we should reprove false prophets and teachers (Ephesians 5.11).  “I am totally convinced that the mainstream press is against Israel and it is a great shame that more people don't log onto your site to find out the truth. I am a supporter of Israel and pray against them dividing up the land etc. However, I am just saying that we mustn't lose sight of the cross! King Hezekiah smashed the bronze serpent because it became an object of worship (2 Kings 18.4).  


“I have found that there are some Christians in my locality that are more zealous for Israel than for Christ! I believe the bible teaches that the church and Israel have two separate destinies. I study the works of the puritans and more lately the works of Arthur Pink. I read the KJV but with the help of a Hebrew and Greek concordance: people forget that the Puritans only had the KJV! But they knew their Hebrew and Greek. I am learning all the time; we must be humble as God opposes the proud. I  have a lot of time for Jacob Prasch and follow Moriel and in my opinion he is a very sound bible teacher -probably one of the best around. He is not without his critics, but who is? He came to Gloucester earlier this year and gave a sermon about 'The consecration of the first born', It was almost identical to Pink’s teachings 70 years ago! I was going to ask him if he had ever read any of his works. They deceive themselves on Revelation tv with their 'Church without walls' . They are cosying up to Rome. I can't understand why Christians would engage in litigation in view of 1 Corinthians 6! Surely not! You can quote my comments as you see fit.”   


I concluded: “Thanks for that Colin - I agree with you 100 per cent! In fact my invitation to speak at one fellowship was cancelled when I refused to go along with the "pretend Jewishness" of their worship. Very few of them were in fact Jewish. 


“Our son-in-law, who is Israeli, would agree with your thoughts. I also refuse to pretend that everything in Israel is wonderful. There are many problems there, spiritual and practical, and in some ways the place is a shambles: just try posting a parcel in under half an hour or getting quick service at a supermarket, even if only one person is ahead of you!


“I spent many train journeys to the north, Nahariya, staring out at a long succession of derelict buildings and  rubbish dumps. Scenic it wasn't. However, it is true that the Jews have made the nation bloom and its productivity is astonishing in the fertile valleys. The Jewish Christians- and their Arab brothers-in-Christ- are wonderful - they have a truly different spirit. It is a great joy to see Arabs and Jews and many other nationalities worshipping together. This is the only way people will truly be united and live in peace, of course. 


“The best estimate is that there are about 15,000 Messianic Jews in Israel, but perhaps more Arabs than Jews are currently being saved there - not huge numbers, but ones or twos, a family here, a family there. The Arab Moslem girl being given sanctuary by someone we know well- she had a child out of wedlock - has accepted Christ. She told Pat: ‘There is no forgiveness in Islam.’   Pat's story about meeting her is in our diary feature.


“Difficult to find a good church, isn't it? Without Tongham Christian Fellowship I don't know where I would go - there are no alternatives for miles in all directions. Perhaps its time to found more house churches. Our friend Larry Spargimino has written a great article about how to go about this on our website if you are interested. Finally, somewhere on our bookshelves I have Puritan Daily Devotions, which are truly great. I think the book is still available from South West Radio Ministries- linked to our website.”


My last thought is about "Christian TV." Colin is right to ignore most of it as a high percentage is utter rubbish, the airwaves dominated by "name it and claim it" preachers of the faith and prosperity movement who teach what itching ears want to hear. However, in amongst the dross are some gems. - the ministry that produces the excellent Creation magazine refuting evolution - now has regular broadcasts which we recommend, on Revelation TV. Daystar, which you can access via the Sky network, has Dave Reagan's Christ in Prophecy, far and away the best thing broadcast on Christian TV. It comes on early on Thursday mornings in Britain and we use our Sky box to record it and play it back at a reasonable hour. Try and watch it! These are times for great discernment as, remember, the mark of the end times is deception.



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