A quick, cheap cure for Covid - and I think we had it! by Pat Franklin

Have you seen the interview with Dr Richard Bartlett?  He seems to have found a cheap, readily available cure for the Covid virus.  Yay!  It is asthma medication delivered in a nebulizer, and recovery seems to be very quick, with no lingering weakness or lung damage.   The interesting thing is that I think both Alan and I may have had the virus after a flight  in early January, and the medicine Dr Bartlett is recommending sounds like the very medication which helped me.

Here are two links to the interview and I hope one or other will work for you:



Dr. Bartlett makes a really good point – that medication for almost any illness should be given early, not delayed until the illness gets firmly entrenched.  Makes sense to me.

In the UK, where we live, the advice from the start has been:  don’t go to the doctor, don’t even phone the doctor!  Especially don’t go to the hospital.  Just stay home and tough it out; take something for fever and headaches. 

Basically:  stay home and wash your hands. 

Unbelievable, when there is asthma medication that apparently can banish the virus from the outset.  There is plenty of this particular medicine about, and it is not particularly expensive.

Interesting, isn’t it? 

Actually, Alan and I might have had the virus in January.  We had never heard of it, of course, but we became quite ill with a dry cough after flying back on January 2 from a family visit to Israel. 

We sat next to a man who was obviously sick, and I was trying not to breathe the same air, as I was in the middle seat right next to him.

Anyway, it lasted several weeks, which is so unusual for us, as we hardly ever get anything.   We stayed home and I felt quite guilty missing church and Bible study, but obviously we didn’t want to give it to any of our friends.

I was prescribed Amoxillin, which did nothing; in fact, I got worse, so I went back and a paramedic was there who prescribed a different antibiotic (I think it was called Doxy- something) plus a ventolin asthma inhaler. 

I have never had asthma in my life, so this was surprising, but my breathing was not good for the first time ever.

Those two things did the trick and I was soon on the mend, although the cough took some time to go.

Then, when we were fully recovered and back in business, suddenly the world was upside down and the virus put us all virtually under house arrest.

It was very interesting to hear Dr Bartlett pinpoint asthma medication plus antibiotics, because that is definitely what cured me.



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