Guess what? Ducks, owls and other birds were here in the age of dinosaurs! But museums are ducking the issue! by Pat Franklin

Did you know that fossils of ducks, parrots, flamingos, owls, penguins, sandpipers, and other modern birds have been found with dinosaur fossils?   Of course you didn’t!  It is one of those hidden facts which allow evolutionists to claim that dinos turned into birds.  Once again we have those great guys at 'Creation' magazine to thank for this important insider knowledge, which blows the theory of evolution out of the water – yet again.  

In an article titled 'Modern birds found with dinosaurs:  Are museums misleading the public?'  Don Batten looks at the evidence in Dr Carl Werner’s book and DVD, Living Fossils, which reveals that fossil researchers have found many modern bird remains with dinosaurs, yet museums do not display these fossils, thus keeping this information from the public. By keeping this information hidden, children and adults are indoctrinated with the false idea that animals changed over time (since the time of the dinosaurs), and that evolution is true.

And, in his kindly way, Don Batten explains that evolutionists for the most part are not deliberately misleading people, but are simply misled themselves.  In field work, they sometimes see what they expect to see and disregard things that do not fit the evolution paradigm.  How shocked they will be when they stand before the Creator of all things and realize that they were not only wrong big time, but misled millions into believing a lie.  

Here is the link to the 'dinos and ducks together' Creation magazine story: 

And here is a link to their article on why human fossils are not often found:   

 It all makes perfect sense, folks!  The Bible is true history, Genesis Flood and all!  

And if the Bible is true, it means we had better get ourselves sorted out while there is still time.   How do we do this?  The Bible clearly teaches that all people are born with a sinful nature, since Adam, the first man, chose to sin.  And it teaches that without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin.

Ouch!  That is hard.  Why should blood have to be shed for our sins to be forgiven?  Because sin is so terrible, so offensive to the perfect sense of justice of our holy God, that only life-blood is payment enough as a penalty for sins. 

Throughout the Old Testament, from Able onwards, animals were sacrificed.  Their blood was shed, and God accepted that.  It looked forward to the time when God would send His Son to shed His holy blood for all of us who believe in Him. 

 The Mosaic Law brought in specific laws for sacrifice, and the beautiful Templewhich was later built was a centre for bloody sacrifices.  Every man brought his best lamb to be killed at Passover, and God accepted the blood of the lambs to cover men's sins for that year.

 Then the day came when Jesus, the Lamb of God, suffered and died, shedding His holy blood on the cross of Calvary.  The era of sacrifice was over!  No more sacrifice was ever needed.  No further sacrifice would ever be acceptable to God (including the ‘sacrifice of the mass’).  God’s perfect justice was completely and forever satisfied.

 We today are the most fortunate people who have ever lived.  We can find the truth very easily if we want to know it.  We can get right with God by putting our faith in Jesus’ sacrifice for us.  We can ask the Lord Jesus to forgive all our sins, and not have to suffer ourselves, because He has already taken care of that.  He has done it all; He has paid the terrible price.  This generation is the most privileged in all of human history, and if we neglect this wondrous opportunity God has placed before us, we will have only ourselves to blame.

 I hope some reader will take this to heart and get before God.  Here is a prayer you might like to say:  ‘Dear God, please help me!  I’ve done things wrong, things You hate!  I am a sinner and I need to be forgiven and washed clean.  I accept that Jesus is Your Son, the only begotten Son of God, and that He died on the cross for me.  I accept that He was buried and rose again on the third day.  Please forgive me for (whatever your sins might be).  Please make me one of Your people.’

 That prayer will not do you any good at all unless you totally believe it, and throw in your lot completely with the Lord Jesus.  He is not playing games.  His offer of eternal life is on the table.  He said ‘If you believe in Me, you HAVE eternal life.’  John 6:47. 






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