While the world's attention is on Israel.....treason is being committed in American and Britain. COMMENT, from a reader.

I get a lot of reader letters and this one just came in from Mike Glynn, who saw me on Genesis TV in Britain. Mike thinks that while the world watches and tuts at the Israeli action against Hamas, much else that Christians should be noticing is going on. In other words, we are on fast forward to the New World Order and a one world religion, which is what I often talk about. Here's what Mike says: "Thank you for your insight into EU and world government issues that are advancing so rapidly in fulfilment of bible prophesies. I was saved in 1982 after reading a lot about the activities of the IMF and World Bank. They came across as tools being used by greedy monopolistic and oligarchic organisations intent on the destruction of competition and the enslavement of nations - I became depressed. The light was switched on for me when I read a book by Hal Lindsay ‘A New World Coming’ - an interpretation of the book of Revelation. The ‘untouchables’ would in the end get their just deserts and justice and righteousness would prevail. A teaching by an Episcopalian priest on the Holy Spirit provided a personal relationship for me with our Creator and the deal was clinched. It just dawned on me while watching a repeat of your excellent programme the other night. You will notice in the secular media that subtle attacks persist on creation and Israel and other deliberately contrived issues. This has the effect of concentrating the opposition (Christian) rebuttals in these areas. Nothing is, however, highlighted in the secular media with regard to the EU and the schemers formulating a New World Order and Global Government. This plotting, being done in relative secrecy, tends to attract a lesser criticism than I believe should be the case. This suits the devil and his earthly agents because he now advances almost unimpeded in the enslavement of global populations through the monopolisation of food and power money and other resources. The remaining (after rapture) masses will then only be able to survive by giving allegiance to the devil himself. The pound has been manipulated by (British Prime Minister) Brown and his cronies to the point where it is almost less than the euro's value, therefore making it more acceptable to the people of Britain. He sold the country's asset base (gold holdings) for a song and ‘saved’ the banks with a gift of £560+ billion to undermine the UK’s bread and butter industry. Most of this handout to the banks by the British and American governments has/is being used to finance the conspirators’ activities. In the meantime taxpayers have been asset stripped of billions of pounds to achieve this end. The whole scheme has been thought up by some Machiavellian mind whose face we never see. To quote Barry Smith ‘there was a time when treason was a hanging offence’ I really believe that more needs to be highlighted to the public concerning the link between the ‘illegal’ use of their taxpayers’ money and their own enslavement – or is that a step too far?" Thanks Mike- AF Blessings Mike Glynn


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