Israel preparing attack on Iran? A top prophecy expert writes.

ALAN FRANKLIN writes: Wars and rumors of wars are signs of the end times. I write as North Korea has just tested a nuke - and doubtless plans to use it in anger if it can. All end time focus centers on Israel, however, home to our daughter, son in law and grandaughter. They rest easy in their beds for God's hand of protection is on His special place on earth, a land destined to be the world's greatest nation, according to Bible prophecy. But first war looms in the region. Here's what one top prophecy expert thinks:

Is Israel About to Invade Iran?


By Bill Salus

Recently a  friend who is  knowledgeable in Bible prophecy sent several eschatologists, including myself, an interesting email. In summary, the crux of his email stated that he hasn't located an Israeli strike against Iran anywhere in Bible prophecy and was questioning if we had.

Many experts believe that Israel will have to strike Iran soon in order to damage, if not destroy, Iran's developing nuclear program. Since my friend hadn’t located an Israeli strike against Iran anywhere in Bible prophecy, he suggested that today's hints of such an Israeli strike may amount to nothing more than a rumor of war in accordance with
Matthew 24:6. Below is my email reply to him:

My dear friend, it is not necessary in order for an Israeli strike on Iran to take place that it be foretold in prophecy. Such a strike does appear highly likely and it is  being suggested that it will occur by the end of this summer. I recently interviewed
Jonathan Bernis of Jewish Voice TV for an upcoming KWBB 105.5 Prophecy Update radio program and he had just spoken with a high ranking member of the Knesset who informed him that Israel is fully ready to strike Iran, but will likely wait until the end of this summer to ride out a few final months of diplomacy.

Presently the Israeli-Iranian rhetoric is indeed just a rumor of war; however, in my estimation, such an Israeli strike sets the stage for both the Psalm 83 Arab–Israeli war and the Russian–Iranian led invasion of Israel described in Ezekiel 38 & 39. In fact it could be the reason Persia/Iran is not listed in the ten member Psalm 83 confederacy. It could also strengthen already strong  ties between Russia and Iran in their bid for Mideast and world dominance, which is foretold to occur in a post Psalm 83 world.

I would suggest that you stay open to the possibility that Israel may strike Iran this year. I believe that in accordance with
Daniel 2:21 God has allowed the most powerful man in the world, president Barack Obama, to come into leadership. His liberal, pro-Palestinian sentiment demonstrates  the depraved, ignorant, and dangerous Middle East foreign policy  being proposed and/or supported by many world political and religious leaders. Israel just celebrated its sixty-first birthday, meaning that in six decades  the international community has done nothing to change the Arab-Israeli situation, and there is nothing  on the diplomatic table to suggest that they ever will.

Additionally, I believe God has put Israel’s new Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his cabinet in place to fend off the threats to the existence of Israel. Both
Psalm 83:4 and Ahmadinejad call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Furthermore, Syrian and Iranian ties are strengthening and, come June 2009, Hezbollah, which has tens of thousands of rockets pointed toward Israel, will possibly have more than their present 11 seats in the Lebanese government.

Additionally the Taliban are on the march, Al-Qaeda is recruiting, terrorists are targeting Paki nukes and the Middle East, in my humble estimation, is being positioned for WAR not peace!

God's program for Israel is about to move full Godspeed ahead. This is further evidenced by the fact that Israel's enemies not only possess the attitude but the wherewithal to wipe Israel off of the map. Although the destruction of the Jewish state is the mandate of the Psalm 83 confederacy as well as the stated intention of the apocalyptic minded Ahmadinejad, it is not part of God's last days' plan for Israel.

In fact just the opposite is prophesied. As I point out in my book
Isralestine: The Ancient Blueprints of the Future Middle East , the Israeli Defense Force will soundly defeat the Psalm 83 confederacy. Furthermore, Iran ultimately experiences bitter defeat subsequent to the Psalm 83 event as described in Ezekiel 38:5, 39:1-7 for their participation in the Magog invasion of Israel.

When we consider all the above scenarios it is important to recognize that the world will likely be, at least temporarily, a better place in the aftermath of the fulfillment of Psalm 83, which I believe is about to occur very soon.

However, in the midst of the fulfillment of Psalm 83, Americans ought to ready themselves for higher gas prices, further economic downturn, dangerously low Wall Street closing levels, potential terrorist attacks upon American interests inside and outside American soil, and a general national condition of desperation, such as was witnessed in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.

My advice to Americans specifically, and humanity in general, is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst, and that likely means WAR in the MIDDLE EAST!



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