EU commissioner meets with secret Bilderbergers group

TITFORD QUESTIONS COMMISSIONER’S ROLE AT BILDERBERG CONFERENCE. You wouldn't expect one of the major party politicians to ask questions about secretive groups like Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove - the weird gathering of the powerful each year in California -or the Trilateral Commission, America's shadow "government." It took a Member of the European Parliament from the UK Independence Party to pose the relevant question: Why is a EU Commissioner hobnobbing with these people, who like to discuss the future of the world behind closed doors. Jeffrey Titford MEP, the UK Independence Party MEP for the East of England, has written to the European Commission to question the role of Commissioner Neelie Kroes, at the Bilderberg conference in Ottawa on 8-11th June 2006. Mr Titford said: “My information is that Ms Kroes attended the conference and was listed as a delegate. Her name was alongside her job title, given as ‘European Commissioner’. Interestingly, she seems to have been listed as an international delegate rather than someone representing a particular country, as most of the rest of the delegates were listed. This implies that she attended in her official capacity as a European Commissioner. “I have therefore sought confirmation from the Commission of whether her attendance was in an official capacity. I have also asked for details of the matters to which she contributed during the Conference”. The Bilderberg organisation is intensely secretive and many conspiracy theorists read a great deal into their regular but singularly unreported international conferences, which are attended by powerful figures from all over the world. Eyebrows are certainly being raised at the presence of a European Commissioner. “This is an excellent opportunity for Ms Kroes to come clean and show that there really is nothing underhand going on at Bilderberg conferences. As she is a public servant, in office, we have a right to know what she was up to,” added Mr Titford. The full text of the written question submitted to the European Commission by Jeffrey Titford MEP, is as follows: To ask the Commission whether Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes attended the Bilderberg Conference in Ottawa on 8-11 June 2006. If so, did she attend in her official capacity, as is implied by her listing on the official list of participants? If she was present, please provide details of the items on the agenda to which she contributed (the items themselves and the substance of her contribution). What specific tasks was she given during the conference?


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