The Ice Age - I always wondered about it and now I know! by Pat Franklin

As a Bible believing Christian, I knew Genesis was literally true and that there really was a great Flood which covered the highest mountains.  But what about the Ice Age?  Was there really an Ice Age?  It was a question I put on my mental shelf, knowing that one day the Lord would help me understand.  Now I understand!  If you are interested please read on…

The answer came in the form of a talk by Michael Oard, Mike has a B.S. and M.S. degree in atmospheric science. Among other things, he was a research meteorologist at the University of Washington, and a lead forecaster with the United States National Weather Service in Montana (Western U.S.).

 You can hear his talk for yourself on this link

 I was just delighted to find all this brilliant information condensed into one talk.  Unfortunately we were away when he visited our part of England, but thank goodness, the talk is on the web.

 As well as being a scientist of some standing and experience, Mike also has a biblical world view, believing in God and the Bible, so I trust his conclusions.  He actually knows what he is talking about, unlike Al Gore and certain others.

 As a scientist, he looks at the raw data, ignoring the propaganda.  The data tells a very different story than we hear from the media. 

 One big conclusion is – you can relax, folks!  We don’t have to feel guilty for driving our cars or be scared that the earth is heating up or cooling down.  Nothing bad is happening to our climate, though lots of people want us to believe that it is.

 Here are some of the highlights, precious truths Mike has gleaned in a lifetime of  work in this field.

 There WAS an Ice Age and it was the last major event in earth’s history.  The ice did not cover the whole earth, but large parts of it.

  1. Outside of the Bible, there are as many as 60 theories, but no satisfactory explanation, for the Ice Age.
  2. The Flood of Noah was a volcanic event, spewing dust, ash and aerosols (tiny particles) into the stratosphere.  We observe this happening now when a volcano erupts and it takes 2-5 years for the particles to come down.
  3. The ‘fountains of the deep’ were opened at the time of the Flood and this was water under the earth, so it would have been hot.
  4. After the Flood all the oceans would have been warm, and warm water evaporates more quickly than cold water, so there would be a lot of evaporation.
  5. Volcanic dust would have reflected sunlight back into space, cooling the land.
  6. Great amounts of water would be evaporated, caught up and then dumped on the land as snow, which piled up as ice, particularly at mid and high latitudes.
  7. As the oceans cooled, there would be less evaporation, less snow.

 Here are some interesting facts in his talk 

  1. Jargon for the Ice Age is ‘Pleistocene Era’ and ‘Quaternary Period’
  2. Glaciers oscillate; they retreat and advance, scarring the bedrock, and dropping boulders, rocks, sand as they go.  This is observable today.  Evolutionists interpret some evidence as many ice ages over millions of years, but a single glacier could retreat and advance many times, leaving scars and debris piled up.
  3. Moraines are piles and ridges of debris left by glaciers.  Some moraines are not eroded, indicating a recent Ice Age.
  4. Glaciers leave scars on the bedrock and some of these are not eroded.  Since the  rock is from the Flood, it shows that the Ice Age was after the Flood.

 Some mysteries of the Ice Age:

  1. Deserts that were once wet.  The Sahara was once full of rivers and lakes, and there are hippo fossils in the tens of thousands there.
  2. Woolly mammoths in Siberia by the million, sometimes with the flesh still on them.
  3. A strange mix of cold and warm weather animals living together. Ice Age debris is found with hippo, reindeer and woolly mammoth fossils.
  4. A major mass extinction at the end of the Ice Age (the last of many ice ages according to evolutionary theory).
  5. There are many theories for the cause of the Ice Age, but only the Bible really makes sense of it, because Noah’s Flood caused a transitional climate which lasted about 700 years.

 Will there be another Ice Age, as portrayed in some movies?  No!  As Mike points out, God gave us the Rainbow Promise after the Flood, that He would never again destroy the world by water.  Since the Flood was the cause of the Ice Age, the promise also includes that.  (Of course the Bible tells us that God will be dealing with the world in other ways, and not pleasant ones – so please get right with Him now, dear reader!)

 One point Mike makes is that the Ice Age shows that the Flood was a real event!  It actually validates the Bible!  

I am so glad to have heard Mike’s talk on the web, and hope to get to grips with his global warming talk next, if there is time.  (I’ve heard enough of that talk to know there has been NO global warming for the last 15 years, but we haven’t heard that on TV, have we?)  If you want to go on to that talk the link is

 One point specially interesting to us is that in Europe Mike reckons that the glaciers stopped about 40 miles north of London (we live about 35 miles from London), so we might be able to find some Ice Age evidence ourselves!  I love looking for Flood evidence and have a box of rocks which are my souvenirs of the Flood. 

 What a joy it is to know the truth and find specific evidence for it in such abundance.  I thank God for Michael Oard and all like him who study the raw data and not the propaganda.

 Here is a link to many of Mike’s articles.  As you will see from the list, he is also a dinosaur expert, and I am currently reading his fascinating book ‘Dinosaur Challenges’.

He works with CMI, my favourite creation ministry – Creation Ministries International.  They publish Creation magazine, in our opinion the finest magazine on the planet and one which should be in every Christian home and every church library.  It is only £14 a year,  £39 for a three year subscription.  It is the best gift you will ever find for a birthday, graduation, etc.  Go to  to order.  Also, get on their email list so that you will get updates on their 'infobytes', giving you the latest news and articles so that you can be ready to confront any evolution argument that comes your way.  (And just in case you are wondering, no, we have no financial tie with CMI at all.  We don't do this for money, but only to point people to the truth we have found.) 






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