Global “warming,” one of the biggest, costliest lies in history. By Alan Franklin.

If you want to control people, you first have to scare them half to death. Thus it is with the delusion of “global warming,” a  non-science turned into an industry, hyped up by a bunch of academic con-artists who love the grants gullible governments shower on them for devising solutions to a problem they have dreamed up: literally, “hot air.” 


It is time voters woke up before Britain and other nations either go broke or are collectively led to the funny farm by policies Don Quixote would have been proud of. At last some facts are trickling out, to shame the policies of the Nonsense Twins, Cameron and Clegg, who “lead” Great Britain’s government.  The Duke of Edinburgh, who still occasionally comes out with a comment which resonates with the public, has called Britain’s unlovely wind turbines “a disgrace.”


Even a five year old who sees the monstrosities sitting idle all over Britain could work out their obvious uselessness. Even if half the landmass of Britain was covered with windmills they still  wouldn’t provide sufficient energy as, most of the time, the blades don’t turn. So while we are subsidizing these carbuncles to the tune of up to £8 billion a year by 2020, real power stations- the sort that run on coal, oil, gas and nuclear energy- have to be kept on standby for when the wind fails. Don’t laugh: YOU are footing the bill.


By law, your electricity supplier must use a percentage of so-called “green energy.” They do this by purchasing green energy credits, trading in which is a great international boondoggle making hundreds of billions for spivs and speculators. Yes, Mrs. Smith, THIS is why your electricity bills are rocketing. Yes, Mr. Smith, this is why your local engineering firm just shut down and moved operations to India. Behind all this green jiggery-pokery, much loved by the clowns in government, is the greatest lie of all - the great global warming scam, which says- wrongly – that carbon emissions are harmful and must be reduced. In fact, CO2 is what plants eat! The more of it the better; we’d get bigger crop yields.


We expose more of “The Big Green Lie Machine” in our two current books, Cults and Isms; True or False?  and Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain. Both are available from our web shop and are invaluable sources of good, well researched information in this time of great deception and pseudo science. One man who has distinguished himself at exposing the green claptrap machine is Christopher Booker of The Sunday Telegraph, whose weekly column is one of the few things in print that is reliable, courageous, thought provoking and worth reading. This is his latest blast at the green fantasy merchants. 


Is this the greatest delusion in history?

To grasp the almost suicidal state of unreality our Government has
been driven into by the obsession with global warming, it is necessary
to put together the two sides to an overall picture - each vividly
highlighted by events of recent days.

On one hand, there is the utterly lamentable state of the science
which underpins it all, illuminated yet again by "Climategate 2.0",
the latest release of emails between the leading scientists who for
years have been at the heart of the warming scare (which I return to
below). On the other hand, we see the damage done by the political
consequences of this scare, which will directly impinge, in various
ways, on all our lives.

It is hard to know where to begin, after a week which opened with The
Sunday Telegraph's exclusive on a blast of realism from the Duke of
Edinburgh over the folly of our official infatuation with useless
windmills. Then came an excoriatory report from the House of Lords on
how we have so run down our expertise that it is doubtful whether we
can hope to run a new generation of nuclear power stations. Next,
there was a report from a leading Swiss bank finding that the EU's
"emissions trading scheme" has wasted $287 billion (£186 billion) over
six years - paid by all of us, to achieve nothing in terms of reducing
"carbon emissions".


There was also a front page story in another
newspaper, warning that (as readers of this column have long been
aware) within nine years we could all be paying nearly £300 a year to
subsidise solar panels and those same useless windmills.

Let's start, however, with a form of insanity which has so far made
few headlines - a Government policy which, in the next few years, will
inflate the cost of a new home in Britain by as much as 66 per cent.

LAST WEEK, David Cameron and Nick Clegg were lamenting that
house-building is at its lowest level since the 1920s, just when we
desperately need millions of new homes (not least to accommodate the
hundreds of thousands of immigrants flooding into Britain each year,
as a result of policies they both support). Neither mentioned, though,
that a major obstacle to any improvement in the figures is their own
Coalition's building regulations, already being phased in. These
decree that, by 2016, all new homes must be "zero carbon" in terms of
energy use and emissions. According to official estimates in the Code
for Sustainable Homes, this will increase the cost of building a house
by up to £37,793.

In rural areas, where there is already a serious housing crisis, this
will be made still worse by the Government's wish by 2013 to abolish
the "Fuel Factor", a relaxation of the rules for new homes in places
without access to the natural gas grid. New houses built in outlying
areas will no longer be allowed to install oil- or gas-cylinder-fired
heating, but will have to rely on wood-pellet boilers or "heat pumps".


A paper submitted to the Government by Calor points out that a
polluting wood-fired boiler costs £11,000, while "air-source heat
pumps" (£15,000) and "ground-source pumps" (£18,000) have both been
shown to be seriously inefficient.


But the Government, with its "carbon" obsession, seems determined to
ignore such practical matters, even though they will push the cost of
new housing through the roof and make a nonsense of their stated wish
for a dramatic increase in the provision of new homes.


IN HIS Annual Energy Statement to Parliament last week, Chris Huhne
announced, through gritted teeth, that he is still hoping to see a new
fleet of nuclear power stations to plug Britain's fast-looming energy
gap, as older power stations are closed down by age or EU
anti-pollution laws.


This coincided with a devastating report from the
Lords Science and Technology Committee on nuclear research and
development, dismally depicting how Britain, which led the world in
this field 50 years ago, has allowed its pool of expertise to run down
so far that we no longer have the know-how even to operate a new
generation of nuclear plants.

The authors begin their report, damningly, by saying that they were
"struck by the extraordinary discrepancy between the view, on the one
hand, of some senior Government officials and the Secretary of State
[Mr Huhne] and on the other, those of independent experts from
academia, industry, nuclear agencies, the regulator and the
Government's own advisers. A fundamental change in the Government's
approach to nuclear R&D is needed now to address the complacency which
permeates their vision of how the UK's energy needs will be met in the

The fact is that we would be wholly reliant on foreign-owned companies
to build new nuclear power stations. Britain's last world-class
nuclear company, Westinghouse, was sold by Gordon Brown to the
Japanese in 2006, at a knock-down price of £3.4 billion. So if new
"carbon-free" nuclear reactors are built here, it will most likely be
by a German consortium of RWE and E.On - using a design from Toshiba's
Westinghouse. And as the Lords point out, thanks to government policy,
we would not even be able to provide engineers to run them.


WHILE OUR Government remains trapped in its green dreamworld, similar
horror stories pile up on every side, from that UBS report on the
astronomically costly fiasco of the EU's carbon-trading scheme, to our
own Government's "carbon floor price", in effect a tax on CO2
emissions rising yearly from 2013.


This alone will eventually be
enough to double the cost of our electricity, and drive a further
swath of what remains of UK industry abroad, because we are the only
country in the world to have devised something so idiotic.

All this madness ultimately rests on a blind faith in the threat of
man-made global warming, which no one has done more to promote than
the scientists whose private emails were again last week leaked on to
the internet.
It is still not generally appreciated that the significance of these
Climategate emails is that their authors, such as Michael Mann, are no
ordinary scientists: they are a little group of fanatical insiders who
have, for years, done more than anyone else to drive the warming
scare, through their influence at the heart of the UN's
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). And what is most
striking about the picture that emerges from these emails is just how
questionable the work of these men appears.

We see how they torture the evidence to support their theory -even to
the point where some of them seem to lose faith in the story they are
trying to tell. And we also see how rattled they were as soon as their
work was challenged by expert outsiders such as Steve Mclntyre, the
mathematician who exposed the methods used to create Mann's "hockey
stick" temperature graph, which the IPCC had made Exhibit A for their

Again and again we see them trying to defend the indefensible, giving
vent to wild personal abuse of the enemies of what they call their
"cause", and  stopping at nothing to keep their critics' evidence out
of IPCC reports and scientific journals, and prevent dissenting views
from getting media attention.

This is no longer science worthy of the name. As I wrote when the
first Climategate emails appeared in 2009, the global warming scare is
far and away the greatest scientific scandal of our generation. When
we then contemplate the insanity of the measures the politicians have
imposed on us in consequence, we know we are looking at a collective
flight from reality which has no precedent in the history of the


NOTE, also in the Telegraph today, a report that we are to spend £1
billion in Africa to 'fight climate change' - by stopping them using
oil, coal or gas - courtesy of Mr Huhne.


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