New UN book fills children with green propaganda. Goebbels would have been so proud!

If you want to change the world, fill the children's heads with propaganda. Thus we have a United Nations children's book promoting fears of catastrophic man-made global warming being promoted at a UN Climate Change Conference. No alternate view is allowed, of course - in the new PC world being constructed by the New World Order, greenism is the new religion, presided over by a wise "mother" figure. Just as in witchcraft, also at the roots of militant feminism.

"New UN Children's Book Promotes Global Warming Fears to Kids [Excerpts] A  United Nations children's book promoting fears of catastrophic manmade global warming is being promoted at a UN Climate Change Conference.

The book's main character, a young boy, is featured getting so worried about a coming manmade climate disaster that he yells "I don't want to hear anymore!" The new children's book, entitled "Tore and the Town on Thin Ice" (( is published by the United Nations Environment Programme and blames "rich countries" for creating a climate catastrophe and urges children to join environmental groups.

The book is about a young boy named Tore who lives in an Arctic village. Tore loses a dog sled race because he crashes through the thinning ice allegedly caused by manmade greenhouse gas emissions. The book features colorful drawings and large text to appeal to young children. After the boy loses the dog sled race, he is visited by "Sedna, the Mother of the Sea" in a dream.

The "Sea Mother" Goddess informs the boy in blunt terms that the thinning ice that caused his loss in the dog sled race was due to manmade global warming. "I'm the one who created and cares for the sea creatures -- whales and walruses, seals and fish," the "Sea Mother" explained to the boy.

The "Sea Mother" then tells the boy she will educate him about the reason the ice is thinning. A "snowy owl" informs Tore that "the planet's heating up" and that both the Arctic and Antarctica "are warming almost twice as fast as elsewhere." Next, a polar bear informs Tore that it is hungry because the ice is too thin to stand on and hunt and the bear says that other bears have "starved" because the sea ice went out to sea.

After a whale appears to present more climate fear, the boy finally screams, "Listen, I've had all the bad news I can stand. Our world is melting. Polar bears are starving and all sorts of animals won't survive. I don't want to hear anymore!" The "Sea Mother" tells him of the dangerous effects that an oil and gas based energy system has on the climate and the "Sea Mother" singles out the industrialized world as the cause of her predicted climate catastrophe.

Finally the "Sea Mother" tells Tore that the solution to the climate crisis can begin in his Arctic village by "setting up solar panels to get electricity from the sun, and modern windmills to capture the energy of the wind." This comment is from Dave Hunt's The Berean Call: [TBC: The religious nature of the environmental movement is brought into sharp focus by this book and clearly show the anti-science focus of the same. One wonders how effective solar panels are to inhabitants of the far North when Winter nights last for a long time.]


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