Expect an electoral earthquake in the United Kingdom tomorrow, Thursday. (Plus today's update with comment on Nigel Farage) By Alan Franklin.

You can easily tell when a once-fringe party is gaining ground. The main media starts to smear it. So it is with the UK Independence Party, which on Thursday will shake the country with the number of votes it polls in the elections to the European Parliament. I expect the Nigel Farage-led anti-EU group to top the poll.

Having spent 21 years as a newspaper editor, 16 as a publisher and many years before that as a Chief Reporter, I can spot trends. Trust me: this is a BIG story. We have a UKIP poster stuck on our car. As I drive around people wave and smile. As I drive up motorways, truckers hang out of windows and give the thumbs-up when they see the UKIP message. It is astounding.

Across Europe, mutiny is stirring. People are sick of the current crop of glib but fifth rate politicians, the likes of Britain’s useless Cameron, the Prime Minister so wrong-headed that he forced through a bill to allow men to “marry” other men.

I can imagine nothing sicker or sadder: this is the final straw for Britain as there is no way back now. The nation is finished, as is America. We wrote this in our book Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain, (available from our web shop) which focussed on the spiritual nature of the dramatic decline in our nations: the UK, the USA and most of the rest of the world as well.

Faced with their nation disintegrating, and Scotland poised to vote for independence, breaking the union with England, Wales and  Northern Ireland when it votes this fall, people are casting around for  alternatives. UKIP is their choice: a patriotic but non racist party, one that stands for the nation state, against the sinister anti-democratic EU dictatorship. For although the Members of the European Parliament we elect tomorrow are called MEPs they are members only of a puppet parliament, a chamber that looks like a parliament but which has few real powers.

Today I walked through a city  where I worked on and ran newspapers for decades. It was unrecognisable: the world has moved in. If the new residents are from member states of the European Union, they can even vote here!

The British people - the native-born Britons of which I am one, although my father was Canadian- have had enough. They want to regain control of our borders, to say what laws are passed in our own nation, to stop our “leaders” having to grovel to Brussels, main base of the EU superstate. For we have about as many powers left in our nation as states have in the US system.

Will the massive protest vote I expect change things? Not in the long run.We are doomed to stay within the superstate’s maw, as too many vested interests have spoons in the gravy train….

But kicking back once in a while makes us feel better. Watch this space.

  • Thursday update:

I just went to the polls and voted UKIP. In fact I was the first voter to walk into the polling station at 7 am today.

Several people sent me Nigel Farage’s quote about “doing a deal with the Devil if needs be,” or words to that effect. Farage has also spoken in a Masonic Centre. Well, so have I – also in Roman Catholic halls. We mustn’t get too precious about this or we will end up sitting on hilltops wringing our hands.

My comment to one reader was this: I wouldn't take too much notice of this. This kind of expression means a lot
to us, but in the world is widely used and NOT taken literally. Similar expressions include the idiotic: “A view to die for.” People don’t REALLY mean it!

I, too, spoke at a meeting in a huge Masonic centre - in Oregon. The acoustics were the best I have ever experienced. If some Masons showed up, good! They would have heard the truth for a change.

I have met Nigel and like him a lot and vote for UKIP with great enthusiasm. Because, unless the focus is on getting out of Europe, all
else is irrelevant. Not that, in fact, we will get out of Europe. However, this vote may delay things and give a few more the chance to be rescued off the rocks. That comment is meant to be taken spiritually.

Today no leading politician could be a true Christian, I am afraid. A friend of mine was and even became a minister but had to keep his mouth shut often. Either that or the sack, which achieves nothing.

Saying, "well then, I won’t vote for anybody"  is a foolish idea and means right-minded people – not all of them true Christians - will have even less influence on the events shaping up around us.

The situation is the same in the media, teaching, the arts and many other fields. Imagine being a true Christian who is also a science teacher, as a friend of ours is. Sometimes we have to bite our lips and get on with life. One day the world will be ruled with absolute justice. But that time is not yet.

In the meantime we do the best we can and vote for the best we can get. It’s called a reality check.






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