Earthquakes, looming wars and the coming crash of cash. Is it the end of the world? By Alan Franklin.

Earthquakes, looming wars and the coming crash of cash. Is it the end of the world? Well, not exactly. But a lot of other things are soon coming to an end, like individual nation states, the Islamic threat to Israel and the old world order. 


Antichrist will soon be here, ruling from the heart of the European Union. A one world currency will replace paper money, which many fear will soon have little value. All this and much else is revealed in Bible prophecy, the greatest story seldom told. Now it will be, as I go out on a further series of speaking dates.  As a former skeptic who wishes he had been told about Bible prophecy, my aim is to being the Bible verses to life and match them with today’s headlines- the Bible in the news. It’s better than Nostradamus - because it’s true, provably so!

My next church date  is at Chartridge Mission Church, Chapel Lane, Chartridge, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 2TH. on Saturday, September 24, at 6.30 pm.

My Chartridge theme: Israel in the eye of the storm – a close look at Bible prophecy and today’s headlines from the Middle East. What happens next? Come and find out! The meeting is under the auspices of the Chesham branch of the Prophetic Witness Movement International. It starts at 6.30 and Pat and I will be pleased to meet with and talk to you. Our latest books and DVDs will be on sale after the meeting.

On Friday September 30, I am in the Newport, Wales, area, starting at Caldicot from7pm at The Elim Pentecostal Church, Longcroft Road, Caldicot, NP26 4EX (contact Tom and Pearl Jones on 01291 421850).  My subject: The Rise of Israel and Decline of Britain.  Israel, one of the world’s smallest nations, is in the eye of the storm, the focus of the world’s fury. Why? There is no rational answer – but there is a supernatural one! Alan shows the fate of nations which dare come against God’s chosen people and His special place on earth – and they include Britain and America.  


The Bible makes it clear what will happen as waves of attacks crash against Israel – and God steps in to defeat a confederacy of nations even now about to form up to attack His land, from which He will rule in the Millennium. This is Psalm 83 about to be fulfilled! That’s before the second major onslaught, led by Magog – Russia. I will look at how Israel was reborn in a day, just as Isaiah predicted 2,500 years before, and the role of Britain in the build-up to the climax of world history.

As our country falls apart, is there a spiritual cause?Like all my presentations, this one is packed with illustrations, references, documentation and scriptural references. On Saturday, October 1, the action moves to Newport from 10.30 am at The Salvation Army Citadel, Hill Street, Newport, NP20 1LZ.  I launch this meeting with the local branch of The Prophetic Witness Movement International, for whom I frequently speak, with a close examination of the false faiths, cults and isms currently deceiving the world.

The talk title, from the latest book by myself and my wife Pat, is Cults and Isms: True or False? As we traveled North America and Britain, speaking at prophecy conferences and churches, we became aware of the near total lack of knowledge about the lies behind the cults and isms. Working together, as we did on newspapers for many years, we spent months on research, delving into the source documents of the main cults and comparing them, line by line, with what the Bible teaches.

Clearly, we do not “all pray to the same god,” as deluded politicians and churchmen would have you believe. This presentation is packed with illustrations, quotes and astounding facts. No punches are pulled and there are some surprising conclusions. For example, is the Roman Catholic Church the world’s greatest cult? See what God’s word says….And are Seventh Day Adventists really evangelicals - or something more deceitful? This talk also examines everything from The Big Green Lie Machine to Freemasonry, the Word of Faith movement, plus all the usual suspects like JWs and Mormons.

Few preachers will tell you any of this today, when the Great Whore Church of the End Times is forming up before our eyes. After lunch comes The World on Red Alert at 1 pm. This was originally put together for a prophecy conference I recently spoke at in Virginia. It's about the coming climax of world history, the birth pangs, the rise in earthquakes and calamities, the crash of cash and much, much more. 


Why are nations being judged- even Israel? How does the European Union fit into prophecy and why is the Woman on The Beast often used as its symbol? All will be revealed, with lots of Biblical references and pictures to back up everything said. The plan to launch a new world currency is revealed, plus what is happening in Israel and how politics, prophecy and religion are coming together in a giant train wreck of the world economy. All you can say after all this is Maranatha - come, Lord Jesus. 

·        Contact  Neville  Stephens  on 01495 772323,  mob  07808-251502 for further details, or e-mail    

 My next date is on November 5, at Bournemouth - details to follow.                      


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