British Parliament to vote on booting out the words 'husband', 'wife', and 'widow'. You couldn't make it up! by Pat Franklin

Age of Unreason, the continuing saga.  On Wednesday the British Parliament votes on changing the English language.  ‘Husband’ might be booted out.  ‘Wife’ too.  Also  ‘widow’.  

We were not even aware of this vote until an email came from Colin Hart, of Coalition for Marriage.  Here is what it said:

‘Next Wednesday your MP will get to vote on the controversial plans that airbrush traditional marriage out of 700 years of English Law. The move comes thanks to MP David Burrowes, who has used his right as an MP to call for a ballot of the whole House of Commons.

‘Your MP is The Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP and it would be great if you could contact him and urge him to stand up for common sense and traditional marriage.

‘The Government plans to strip "husband" and "wife" from legislation simply because these words don't line up with the Government's new definition of marriage.

‘They also want to replace the word "widow" with the phrase "woman whose deceased spouse was a man".

‘So on Wednesday, 5 March, MPs will take part in a paper ballot and vote on a raft of changes to centuries-old laws, including the proposals I've just mentioned.’

Meanwhile, the same-sex marriage laws come into effect next month in formerly Great Britain.

We did contact our MP and asked him if the British Parliament was going nuts.  Language is language.  Words mean something.  You cannot arbitrarily change the meanings of words by act of law.

What we are seeing is a sea change in society, what they call now a paradigm shift, a total turnaround.  And it is happening so fast!  The exponential curve on a graph is a line that might go up and down, but suddenly goes straight up. 

We are on that exponential curve.  Up we go in the Age of Unreason.  More political correctness, by the truckload.  But it’s all taking us down, not up.  All the changes are dragging us down, removing our freedom.  Instead of improving society, we’re being sucked down.  A vortex would be a better illustration.  Glug, glug, down the drain.

The good thing is that  this and many other signs of the times all point to the return of the Lord Jesus to this earth, first to remove His people, all born again believers in Him. 

Then there will be a gap of at least seven years, while the Great Tribulation which Jesus told us about will run its terrible course.

Then He will return in power.  His feet will touch that Mount of Olives and it will split in two.  Read all about it! (as they used to shout when selling newspapers).  These stupendous events are nearly upon us.  They are in the Bible; they are prophesied; they will happen.

As Dr McGee* says, prophecy is the mold into which history is poured.  The Bible contains thousands of specific prophecies, many of which have been fulfilled, and the End Times ones are lined up like dominoes now. 

*Dr J Vernon McGee is now with the Lord, but his wonderful Through the Bible radio program rolls on.  You can get his entire Through The Bible teaching from   I have it all on a tiny flash drive, and download books of the Bible on to my MP3 so I can hear his teaching any time.

** Another great Bible prophecy teacher is Dr David Reagan, whose half hour TV program Christ in Prophecy is the best thing on TV in England.  It is on Daystar at 4 am on Thursdays.  Or you can listen via his website

If any of this is new to you, come on!   Get stuck in!   Get clued up on Bible prophecy!  We are living in the time of the Lord’s return and you need to find out what the Bible says about it!

 *** Yes, we know that 'mold' is spelled 'mould' in Britain, but Dr McGee is American, or was. He is a citizen of Heaven now.


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John 15:5,6

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