Global non warming exposed at big conference of scientists and leaders. Now will the media tell the truth?

Strangely for a newspaper that is at the very heart of the perverted science behind this new ‘religion’ The Guardian (a leftist British newspaper) here gives a reasonably fair account of the event.  What, however, it hides from its readers are all the falsification of scientific findings which have been exposed and which form the basis of its whole faith.

There’s work to be done!  
Christina Speight

Czech leader joins meeting of climate change deniers
• US convention aimed at escalating confrontation 
• Klaus to attack 'arrogant, unscrupulous ideology'

Climate change is said to be [not by anybody who knows1 -cs]  threatening the future of species such as the polar bear. Photograph: Mathieu Belanger/Reuters  [Oooh! Isn’t he luverly and cuddly - Pity that the reality is a record world population ! -cs]


It is billed as the largest ever gathering of climate change deniers, a convention that kicked off last night with a title suggesting global warming is a thing of the past, and a guest list that includes a hurricane forecaster, a retired astronaut and a sitting European president.

Entitled Global Warming: Was It Ever Really a Crisis? and featuring some of the most prominent naysayers in the climate change debate, this week's conference in New York sets out to escalate its confrontation with the scientific establishment, the vast majority of whose members subscribe to the view that humans are the principal cause of climate change.

Conference organisers were celebrating something of a coup in securing as a keynote speaker the Czech president, Václav Klaus, at a time when his country holds the rotating presidency of the EU. Klaus, a Eurosceptic, believes that efforts to protect the world from the impact of climate change are an assault on freedom.

In his remarks last night, Klaus accused European governments of being "alarmist" on the subject of climate change and in thrall to radical environmentalists.
"They probably do not want to reveal their true plans and ambitions to stop economic development and return mankind several centuries back," he said.

He received a standing ovation. But Klaus admitted that his position was a lonely one.
"It is evident that the climate change debate has not made any detectable progress," he said. "It reminds me of the frustration people like me felt in the communist era."

This week's gathering by the Heartland Institute, a Chicago thinktank that shares the Czech president's free-market views, brings together some of the more vocal critics of the scientific consensus, which maintains that rising temperatures are now so dangerous to people's existence as to warrant urgent action.

Among more than 70 participants listed by the Heartland Institute is Jack Schmitt, a former astronaut, who now teaches engineering physics. William Gray, who is regarded as a leading hurricane forecaster, is also listed, along with Fred Singer, the atmospheric physicist who argues that a melting Arctic would have some positive effects, including the formation of the long-sought north-west passage. There is also a strong contingent of free marketeers and conservative commentators, including Christopher Booker and Christopher Monckton, both British.


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