eBay supports internet regulation!

I Did It eBay Who would have thought a virtual shopping center would ever exist? Who would have thought you could sell your used books, shoes and other sorted junk elsewhere other than your yearly yard sale - which often didn’t bring much profit other than giving your neighbors an insight into your lava lamp collection? eBay changed the way bargain hunters, entrepreneurs, collectors and even window shoppers indulged themselves. We still remember when the business of trading of Beanie Babies was comparable to the floor of the New York Stock Exchange! But unlike the Stock Exchange or the antique auction or the local retailer, shoppers and sellers alike enjoyed something that the traditional venues didn't: no taxation, no regulation, no rules except those agreed to by the participatory community . . . Almost where Free State Project meets Commune. But that community changed last week when most of us received an email from the CEO of eBay. eBay, known for its limited emailing (never a spammer) to members, came as quite a surprise to eBay members like us. She wasn't announcing a new product, nor a merger or some other corporate action. She was asking us to support the government regulation of the Internet! We were stunned. The very company that thrived on the open and unregulated Internet was asking us, the recipient of that utopia of capitalism, to ask our Congressman to support "network neutrality." It's no secret where the Institute for Liberty and the Center for Individual Freedom stands or how we feel about this ongoing debate on network neutrality - it is a camel's nose under the tent to start the government regulation of the Internet. That's why we have decided to send this note to you, readers of GOPUSA, to act once again. Thank you for everything you have done in the past, communicating with your elected officials. We have won many small battles in this fight against government regulation of the Internet. This week will have the last battle in the U.S. House of Representatives to put this issue to rest. Please contact your U.S. Representative and ask them to say "NO" to network neutrality. Sincerely, Jason Wright Institute for Liberty ; Jeffrey Mazzella Center for Individual Freedom


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