Neanderthals - the amazing truth is in the teeth, reveals American orthodontist. by Pat Franklin

 American orthodontist Dr Jack Cuozzo has revealed the astonishing truth about ancient man.  Few scientists are ever allowed access to original skulls, but have to make do with replicas on display in museums.  Dr Cuozzo saw the real thing, x-rayed Neanderthal skulls in Europe, and found out the truth - and the lies about man's 'evolution'.

His book, 'Buried Alive,' * tells the tale of how he took his family (wife and five children) to Europe  along with special x-ray equipment.  He was allowed access to original fossils and was shocked to find that Neanderthal fossils had in some cases been altered, bones put together in the wrong way, and sometimes measured inaccurately to give a false impression.  These findings put Dr Cuozzo and his family in some danger, and at one time they were fleeing across France and trying to get away from two cars which began tailing them.

In a motel they had to barricade their doors to stop intruders.  Dr Cuozzo hid the x-rays in a comic book carried by one of his children, while himself carrying a packet labelled as x-rays, just in case they were confiscated at the airport.  They were all very relieved to get back on American soil.

That was in 1979, when creationists were just beginning to really get to grips with evolution versus truth.  So what was so important about x-rays of old bones that sinister men began chasing a dentist and his family around France?

One of the first skulls  x-rayed was a Neanderthal child, apelike of course.  But Dr Cuozzo found  that  the lower jaw was out of alignment.  As an orthodontist, he could see exactly how the teeth fit together and how the jaw should be correctly positioned, and when it was, the skull was not apelike at all!  

Another skull was the same - appearing apelike until he put the jaw into correct alignment, with the wear on the teeth matching perfectly.

He was astonished to see that a fragment of another skull was being altered, with the chin being removed to make it appear more apelike.  The picture of that is also in the book, along with the original skull as it looked when it was dug up, chin intact.

Later he looked at another famous skull, this time in Germany - a'teenage Neanderthal.'  He found once again that the replica skull on display was made to look apelike, but a color slide purchased at the museum showed that the lower jaw was dislocated, positioned 30mm out of its socket!  This brought the upper jaw 30mm forward,  looking more like a muzzle, and very apelike.

Other Neanderthal fossils in museums had been scrubbed clean of red ochre, which was smeared on the skin as a burial custom across Europe and the Middle East, much as corpses now are made up by morticians to look more lifelike.  As the Neanderthal rotted in the ground, the red ochre would get on the bones and teeth.  This would have been a clear indicator that Neanderthals were human, with established burial techniques, and that would have been against evolutionary philosophy.  Therefore, the red ochre was washed off, and not mentioned in scientific journals.  But Dr Cuozzo's equipment examined the inside of the skulls as well as the outside, and there the red ochre was clearly visible.

On one trip he and his family also found a cave which had been taken off the official list of ancient sites open to the public in southern France, where the Neanderthal caves are tourist attractions.  He reasoned that if the cave was off limits, it might contain something which did not fit in with evolutionist teaching.

They finally found the cave of Bernifal, which was partly blocked off and had no lights.  They had four flashlights with them, and took flash pictures of all they could before a Frenchman  arrived and chased them out.  Their pictures show a cave carving of a dinosaur butting heads with a mammoth!  Dinosaurs are supposed to have died out 65 million years ago, long before mammoths supposedly 'evolved'.  So no wonder the cave was shut. The picture is in his book.

Dr Cuozzo's conclusions are that Neanderthals, the brutish 'cavemen' depicted in movies and textbooks, were post-Flood (Noah's Flood) humans.  They lived much longer than we do, and matured much more slowly.  They had better teeth and bones and a larger brain.  They were not brutish or arthritic, did not have rickets or syphilis, and he suspects that their eyes were also superior to ours, possibly with functions we have lost.

His thoughts about their eyesight are extrapolated from seeing their caves.  The walls in some cases were white crystalline structures when they were discovered with their cave paintings, but they have become discolored since artificial lighting was put up for tourists.  If they were in use by Neanderthals, and not smoke damaged then, how could those ancient people see to paint the cave walls?  He wonders if they had eyes which could see in the dark, a function we may have lost, but will possibly regain when the Lord restores the world.

'Buried Alive' is a fascinating book, chilling in its revelations of how dangerous it can be to fall foul of the establishment.  There is a lot of money and power tied up with evolution philosophy, and academics who control university departments and museums have a lot to lose if evolution is proved wrong, which I believe it has been, many times over.  But the evolutionists are not going to give up their beliefs just because they are wrong!  And they are certainly not going to drop the inaccurate and misleading textbooks in schools and colleges!

I believe the Lord Jesus opened the doors for Dr. Cuozzo to do the original research that no one else had been allowed to do, to see the skulls that no creationist was allowed to handle.  And I believe he and his family have been protected, first in France and later when their car was shot at in America.  The man who supplied the x-ray equipment was not.  His name and address were plastered on the x-ray crates which Dr Cuozzo took to France.  Later he was found dead in his house in America in mysterious circumstances, his body covered in hundreds of needle marks.  This too is in the book. 

The media, to its shame, has examined none of this.  It just goes along with evolution philosophy.  Where are the programs on Dr Kuozzo's book, for example?  Who has ever heard of him outside of creationist circles?  Why were his adventures in France not on the news? Why were his discoveries not the subject of debate in every university?  I had never heard of him until a Christian friend in the USA handed me his book and said, 'You have to read this.'  I've now read it, and am passing on the information via this book review.

Here is a link to Dr Cuozzo's talk on ancient man and some of the discoveries he has made:

Here is a link to Dr Cuozzo's personal testimony of how he came to know Christ at the age of 38:

* 'Buried Alive' is published by Master Books, 1998


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