Robust Tories planning "real Conservative" manifesto.

Down in the forest something stirred - - but it was only the sound of Tories turning over in their sleep. But it just could – maybe – possibly - portend the first stirrings of open revolt.. Meanwhile Nigel Farage talks of changing UKIP’s name from “UK Independence Party” to “ Independence Party” . All the while – according to YouGov the public are fed up with all 3 main parties. Christina Speight ==================================== TELEGRAPH 5/2/07 Right-wing MPs' mini-manifesto is challenge for Cameron By Toby Helm, Chief Political Correspondent Right-wing Tories are planning to publish their own alternative Conservative manifesto — including proposals for drastic cuts — in a direct challenge to David Cameron's leadership. The move by the Cornerstone Group of 40 MPs reflects frustration in the "socially Conservative" wing of the party about Mr Cameron's attempts to re-occupy the political centre ground. The group intends to produce its own mini-manifesto next month, before Mr Cameron's own policy commissions publish their final reports in the summer. It will make 12 submissions of 2,000 words each to the review process in the hope of influencing the platform on which Mr Cameron will campaign at the next election. advertisement So far the Tory Right has held back from attacking Mr Cameron as he has gone about distancing himself from the legacy of Margaret Thatcher and ditching many of the policies on which the party has fought and lost the last three elections. But the Cornerstone Group now believes there is a danger that support will leak to Ukip, and the British National Party, which is now fielding more candidates in Tory areas. Edward Leigh, Tory MP for Gainsborough and chairman of the Cornerstone Group, told The Daily Telegraph that he feared the party was heading in the wrong direction. "We can see merit in David Cameron's leadership style but it is important to understand and reflect the views of our natural supporters. "The core Conservative vote cannot be overlooked in the necessary re-making of the Conservative Party," he said. The Tory Right believes that Mr Cameron should by now have opened a commanding lead over Labour if he is to have any chance of winning a majority at the next election. The manifesto will call for tax cuts and a stronger line on Europe and insiders said it would also have supported the Catholic Church in the row over gay adoption. Mr Cameron has said that he cannot promise any tax cuts at the next election, and will deliver only when the economy allows. A spokesman for Mr Cameron said he was relaxed about contributions from all wings of the party. "The policy groups are there for anyone to submit proposals to, so we welcome any contribution," he said.


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