Investing in the End Times - what should we do, and what about our attitude to assets? By Alan Franklin.

This is my response to a reader called Daniel- surname omitted to protect his privacy. Daniel's e-mail to me follows on.
Good afternoon Daniel.
Thank you for your comments, which we find encouraging. You probably know that we update our website daily to try and keep readers up to date with key events, but things are happening fast. The world should be on red alert!
Pat and I do not claim to be experts at anything, except possibly newspaper production. However, our decades in the media, including nearly 16 years as publishers of a business newspaper, have given us the know-how to sift through the facts and get to the heart of the matter. If you couple this with a reasonable knowledge of Bible prophecy you are well equipped to work out what is going on - and what comes next.
I think you are looking in the right places with the teachers you mention. I would add Dave Reagan of Lamb and Lion Ministries - broadcasting as Christ in Prophecy on Daystar and other networks. Also SWRC, linked to our website. We did three radio programs with them this week, all of which you can hear via their web archives. There are a few other names we link with, all people we know personally. We are careful about this, trying not to lead people astray. Bill Randles just asked me to speak at his church in Iowa, which I will be doing in August. It is good to pray for such men as these, and others like Arnold Fructenbaum, who we regard as the world's top Bible teacher (see our links.) A lot of these men and their wives are under attack, especially in the realm of their health.
If you key in something like "buying gold"  - or "the future of gold" into our search engine- top right -you will find various articles and comments of interest.
I do help Christians with financial advice, but very much as an unpaid volunteer as I have no professional qualifications. However, I can read a balance sheet and the world's balance sheets don't add up! This is especially true of Britain and America. If you deliberately set out to destroy a society you could not achieve more than our present rulers are.
So, having 100 per cent mistrust of the policies in place, I advise buying gold, even at the present level. It is basic economics that if you create vast amounts of anything its value declines, and currency is no exception.I have said several times what I think happens next and these articles are in the archive. Basically, we have a period of deflation followed at some stage by a rapid deterioration in the value of paper money, leading at some stage to inflation and a panic buying of gold - the last man standing. Economically I do not think there is any way back; our countries' debts are too great to ever be repaid even if we all paid 90 per cent of our income as tax.
Politicians think short term, and they want a quick fix before the next election. If you print enough banknotes something certainly happens, but you are creating funny money - ultimately worthless. Everyone's financial situation is different. My first advice would be to pay down debt. The second bit of advice would be incur no new debt. Make things last, mend rather than buy new etc etc. Shop at charity shops. Grow vegetables, even if you have a small garden. Insulate your home even better than it is already. In other words, batten down the hatches - things are going to get rough.
How much to put into gold is a matter of choice, what your needs are and so on. I note that the supply is something governments have no control over and that is a worldwide store of value - and has been throughout history. All paper currencies have had finite histories. I manage our pension fund and have done best by investing in boring companies that are not affected by fashion - firms like National Grid. Any solid firm that provides goods or services we must have - utility companies are a good example - and internationally- spread companies like Vodafone, Glaxo SmithKline etc. In the next year expect gold to appreciate a lot but I would not invest any more money than I could afford to tie up for a year or two. It may even go down in the short term - I think a lot of manipulation goes on.
I have read that it makes sense to invest in the firms that mine gold, to get greater leverage, and this seems logical. Spreading your holdings over different sectors is also a good idea, although I would avoid retail and all forms of property. Also banking and insurance, despite so many experts saying things are getting better. I don't believe it.

The most important thing is our attitude to assets. They are not to be of prime importance in our lives, which are soon over. So number one is the Lord, and all we have should be at His disposal. This is doubly true in these end times. So although we are to be good stewards, it is so that we can provide for our family, the needy, our church and so on. There are many ministries that need support, for example Hope Now which does such superb work among the orphans and prisoners of Ukraine.

The New Testament has far fewer references to gold than the Old - here are two interesting examples. Eventually, of course, all material things are worthless and the only thing worth having is the crowns we are awarded.

Matthew 23:17 KJV

Ye fools and blind: for whether is greater, the gold, or the temple that sanctifieth the gold?
Your gold and silver is cankered ; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days...
In other words, as I said, we should manage our affairs with care, but ultimately only giving our lives to and trusting the Lord is worth doing. Even gold can be confiscated! Above all, spread the word while there is yet time, for darkness is about to fall on the world. Daily news items convince me our time is almost up, but for Christians this is good news as it means the Lord is coming back soon!
With best regards, in His name - Alan 
Subject: Thankyou! And please respond.

Dear Alan,

Greeting in Christ.

Firstly, thankyou for your "Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain" series. My family and I have recently finished waching your DVD set and I have just started reading your book on this subject.

I have to say that I have found the series brilliant, and a real insight into the true state of our country and our Government. We are so blessed that we know the truth behind all the turmoil and world events as Biblical truths unfold before our eyes. We are also very blessed to receive such good teaching from the likes of yourself, Jacob, Dave Hunt, Tony Pearce, Bill Randles etc … and pray that it may long continue and that God keeps you all on His righteous pathway and in the Truth.

Secondly, God's judgment on this nation and on America seems unequivocally evident. Your series gives excellent insight on this and makes it clear how the stage is being set for the New World Order. One thing in particular that I enjoy reading on is the demise of the financial system as we know it. We are seeing the value of paper currency dwindling rapidly and interestingly, you suggest holding the asset of gold in order to hedge against this and the likelihood of large scale inflation.

I love the fact that you have a link to the bullion vault on your website! The only one thing is - I just wish I had read your articles when the crisis first started to break out in 2007/8 when gold was circa $850/ounce rather than today's highs of circa $1140/ounce! We have seen governments set historically low interest rates, pump $trillions into the system and devalue their paper currencies as a result. In addition, the ongoing threat of terrorism gives gold an even more alluring appeal.

  • Would you still think that putting a proportion of one's wealth into gold is a sensible strategy? - despite the high prices it is currently fetching?? There is talk that gold may lose value should the Fed start to tighten monetary policy and raise interest rates.
  • Do you think that investing in gold stocks (the Companies who produce gold) is a worthwhile strategy?
  • Finally, God mentions gold in Genesis when it states that the 'gold of that land was good.' Do you think there is any Biblical backing for gold remaining a valuable asset? Indeed, we have implications that inflation will rise in the End Times, as Revelation 6 alludes to a day's wages paying for a loaf of bread.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts and I look forward to reading the rest of your excellent book.

May God continue to bless you and Pat and your ministry.

Kind Regards,

Daniel .....


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