Yes, we CAN still say what we think! COMMENT by Alan Franklin

People often say to me "oh we can't say that," when referring to something in religious circles, or a trend in society, with which they disagree. They are mostly wrong. We can still say a great deal, still be critical of belief systems PROVIDED we do not deliberately stir up trouble or violence against individuals on grounds of race or religion. As Christians we would do no such thing, so we will continue to say what we think. In Dallas this week I will certainly be telling the whole truth, however uncomfortable or unfashionable. Here's part of an e-mail in which I explained this further....

Someone asked me if I worried about my e-mails being read. I said "not at all." I am a very open book. I have never advocated anyone doing anything illegal and do not direct hostility towards any individual, so do not worry. We are entitled to our opinions, as long as these are stated reasonably.

When I was an editor ( for 21 years) and a co-publisher with Pat (for 16 years) I often met people with stories or comments who didn't want their name, address etc in the papers. People are more worried than they need be, I feel. I published a very outspoken, politically incorrect column. Most people supported my views. Even those who didn't said they enjoyed reading my column!

There is very little I have not critically examined, from the Church of England to "God Channel" hype artistes, the EU to assorted US presidents. Pat and I once published a whole newspaper page critically examining Islam. Over 80,000 copies of the paper went out, including many to Moslem readers.

We got no adverse reaction whatsoever, despite there being at least two mosques in our circulation area.The secret is in the language used. You see, we would never advocate hostility or violence as this would in any case be self defeating. Our disagreement is not with individuals, it is with belief systems.

We say that ideas, beliefs and statements can and should be challenged. At present I think the powers that be are more worried about the press than we are about them. Of course, in places like Belgium journalists have been arrested, files taken etc. Here in Britain we have a robust press that would defend the right to free speech. As I go out public speaking and run a website I can't really be low-profile. (It has been suggested that I may have to make myself scarce one day. However, I will do no such thing.)

I make sure what I say is backed up with facts so am fairly relaxed. I realise laws are in place to silence people like us - but the final great emergency is not quite here yet. I am watching the continuing financial crisis and wondering if this is "it" prior to the ushering in of a one world electronic currency as cash crashes and bankruptcies mount up. We shall see. It wouldn't surprise me as things are far more precarious financially than the main media is saying, even as we move into 2013 on a fairly upbeat note. At least for a couple of days.......

To get access to much of our research get our books, Goodbye America, Goodbye Britain and Cults and Isms: True or False? - available from our webshop. They are packed with information that should be in the hands of every real Christian. There may come a day soon when we cannot freely circulate this information.


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