The United States of Islam. How Islamics plan to take over.

The United States of Islam

January/February 2009

In the United States, Islam claims to be the fourth largest religion. Muslims are outnumbered only by Southern Baptist, Roman Catholics and those who practice Judaism. There are more Muslims in the United States than Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, etc. In the near future, there will be more Muslims than Jews in the United States. As one Muslim leader in the U.S. has said, “Most of our urban centers will be predominantly Muslim by 2020.” Think about that!

The number of Mosques being built in America is growing daily. Saudi money finances the building of these Mosques. The problem is not the building of Mosques because America has freedom of religion. The problem is that these Mosques represent the radical Wahhabi brand of Islam practiced by the founders of Saudi Arabia including Osama bin Ladin.

In addition, the Saudis give millions of dollars every year to American Universities to fund Islamic Studies Departments with the stipulation that the universities would hire Islamic professors to chair the department and teach the courses. Islamic professors at universities across America are teaching something other than a Judeo-Christian tradition and heritage to their students.

It is the stated goal of radical Islam to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture, heritage and Constitution and replace it with Islam and Islamic law with an American Muslim as President of the United States. In his book, The Islamization of America, Abdullah Al-Araby, gives the following comments by Muslim leaders expressing their true goal regarding the transformation of America from a Judeo-Christian nation to an Islamic nation.

He reports that during an official meeting on Islamic-Christian dialogue, the Muslim leader explained to the Christians participating, “Thanks to your democratic laws we will invade you; thanks to our religious laws we will dominate you.”

As far back as 1983, an influential Muslim leader named Isma’il Al-Farfuqi said, “Nothing could be greater than this youthful, vigorous, and rich continent (North America) turning away from its past evil and marching forward under the banner of Allahu Akbar (Allah is great).”
At the dedication of an Islamic Center on Stockholm, Sweden in 1983, the speaker proclaimed, “In the next 50 years, we will capture the Western world for Islam. We have the men to do it, we have the money to do it, and above all, we are already doing it.”

In 1984, the vice president of the Islamic College in Chicago stated, “My dream is that the USA will become an Islamic nation by the year 2000.”

Omar Abdel Rahman is the blind sheikh convicted of the attack against the World Trade Center in 1993. In 1991 he called on Muslims to “conquer the lands of the infidels.”

 Imam Siraj Wahhaj was the first Muslim clergy to offer a prayer in the U.S. House of Representatives. He said, “Take my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.” He further said, “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing that will remain will be Islam.”
Imam Zaid Shakir was the former Muslim chaplain at Yale University. He indicated that Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the existing (American) system.”

Another Muslim leader, Adman Nawfal, has said, “It will be very easy for us to preside over this world once again.”

One month after September 11, 2001, a Muslim speaker at a convention in San Jose declared, “By the year 2020, we should have an American Muslim president of the United States.”
Abdurahman M. Alamoudi is the influential founder of the American Muslim Council. He has told his Muslim audiences that the goal of Muslims in America is to turn the U.S. into an Islamic state, even if it takes “a hundred years.” He further says, “If we are outside the country [America], we can say, “O Allah, destroy America. But once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it.”

Alamoudi was put in jail after pleading guilty to plotting acts of terrorism. Before then, he was an advisor to the Pentagon on Islam. In this capacity he created the Muslim chaplain corps in the U.S. military and placed Muslim chaplains in the military.

Omar M. Ahmad is the chairman of the Council of American-Islamic Relations better known as CAIR. CAIR is the “Islamic organization” of choice in Washington. It has tremendous favor and influence. While claiming to be an organization of peace and tolerance, CAIR recently barred the Christian Broadcasting Network from attending a CAIR press conference. Ahmad says, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to dominate. The Koran should be the highest authority in America.”

Dr. Richard Booker is a bestselling author and speaker and the Founder of Sounds of the Trumpet and the Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies. He is a contribution editor for the Jerusalem Connection. To learn more of his work, see his web site at:


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