Dear Pope, you are not qualified to be 'Bishop of Rome' because you are not married! The Bible says every bishop has to have a wife! - by Pat Franklin

The Bible says that every bishop must the the husband of one wife.  The Pope has no wife.  No Catholic bishop has a wife.  Therefore none of them are qualified to be bishops at all!

To be qualified as a bishop, you must be a family man!  Here is what the Bible commands: ‘A bishop must be…the husband of one wife…’  That was written by St Paul to his young follower Timothy.  Look it up in the Bible, 1 Tim 3:2

Roman Catholic bishops are not qualified to be bishops! If they do not look after a few sheep (a wife and children), how can they look after God’s flock?

This is one of many ways in which the Roman Catholic Church defies God.  They say a bishop must be UNMARRIED.  God says a bishop  must be MARRIED.  And after totally ignoring God's revealed will and teaching the exact opposite, they have the sheer brass neck to display themselves in their regal purple garments as if they were some sort of specially holy people, above the rest of us.  You couldn't make it up!  And one billion Catholics kiss their rings!

 Here is the way the relevant scripture is translated in the Catholic Jerusalem Bible.  They call a bishop a 'presiding elder' or 'president' and say 'He must not have been married more than once...He must be a man who manages his own family well and brings his children up to obey him and be well-behaved.  How can any man who does not understand how to manage his own family have responsibility for the church of God?'  Indeed. 

The Word of God, the Bible, has spoken.  Every Catholic bishop from the Bishop of Rome on down is an unqualified usurper of the position he holds.

They should all step down immediately. 

Dear Catholics, surely you can see from this one thing alone that you have been hoodwinked by the Catholic church.  Time to come out!  I did, also quite a few other people I know.  After reading this revealed truth, how can you stay in that deceptive church?  'Come out of her, My people.'  That is God's word for you today.

For a quick checklist of just some of the many things the Catholic Church gets wrong click on this link  Feel free to print it out and send it round to any Catholics prepared to examine their beliefs.

There is much more on the Catholic Church and its many errors in our Table of Truth (home page, top left) and also in our books, available from our webshop.

Actually, even the bishops probably do not know that they are contravening the Bible.  This is because they do not read it.  They read something called a 'brieviery', some sort of devotional.  There is no substitute for God's Word, the Bible.  When they stand before God, they might plead ignorance, but that is a pretty feeble plea when they have taken so much authority on themselves.  Perhaps some readers could send this information to any bishops they know.  Even they could repent and come out of the Catholic Church...perhaps.


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2 Peter 3:3

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